Ashton Brooks

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A/n so this book will have three different authors. Me (Cassie), Kelsie and tara. So I hope you enjoy.
My names Ashton Brooks. And yes I'm a girl. Many people relate my name to the famous Ashton Kutcher but that just gets way too annoying. But anyways I'm not exactly the tallest girl I'm more on the shorter side. I am 16 years old. I have long wavy blonde hair it reached all the way down to my waist. I'm more on the quiet side but I can get really mean when I want to. I'm not exactly the richest girl. I'm an only child so it kind of gets lonely at my house because mom and father work full time all the time they never have a day off. I don't have many friends the only 2 friends I have are Sawyer and Aiden. So that means I'm either hanging with them or studying. I'm a really awkward child so many people at school try to avoid me and I don't blame them. But yeah that's basically my life.

Sawyer,Aiden, and I made a pact a Long time ago saying we will never leave each other. That was 11 years ago and we have stayed together ever since.

Sawyer Hathaway, and yes she is a girl. She has straight brown hair with blonde high lights that reaches down the middle of her back. She has ocean blue eyes. Shes 16 years old. She lives with her mom and her two year old sister. She's a nice person, but people don't like her. She did try to keep to herself but she knows how to get out there. Her family is very rich because her mom owns a very powerful business. That just means she has gotten a lot.

Aiden Nox, and yes, she is a girl. She has light brown hair to the small of her back. She has bright green eyes. Shes exactly 5'5" and 16 years old. She has 5 other siblings but they are either to young or moved out to have a real conversation with them. Shes very loud and obnoxious usally all the time. Shes very outgoing and has amazing come backs. The only time she will not be talking is when shes reading or studying.

Since you know what my two closets friends look like you will come along with me on my adventure in what I call my life.


It was 4:45 a.m when my obnoxious alarm clock interrupted my sleep. I was having a really fantastic dream I was abortion kiss this really hot guy but no my alarm clock had to ruin that.

I got up unwillingly. I jumped in the shower. I wore a pair of denim ripped skinny jeans and a Maroon Arctic monkeys t-shirt. With a pair of white converse. I wore my hair natural and wore little makeup.

I hated New York weather. It was so confusing. It was either really hot or really freezing.

Once I was done I grabbed my bag and headed to school.

When I got to school I got out of my car and headed to my locker.

While I was exchanging books Aiden scared the living shit out of me.

"Why would you do that I almost had a heart attack," I say.

"It was hilarious" Aiden says.

"So how was your morning" sawyer asks.

"The same as usual," I explain.

Then the minute bell rang.

"We'll see you later" sawyer and Aiden say as they leave.

I shut my locker door and headed to geometry. I really hated this class so much.

I took my seat in the back and began to doodle on my binder until class starts. While I'm doodling someone sits next to me. I really didn't bother to look to see who it was because I honestly didn't care. I hated everyone in this class.

"What are you drawing," says the person who sat next to me.

I decided to look and see who it was. Just my luck it was the person I could not stand the most. The know it all Derek Foster.

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