Chapter 29 home...

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~Trevor's POV~

I woke up to see jay sleeping she looked so cute and so cuddly she took all the blankets to her side and curled up in a ball with her cheek smashed against the pillow making her look like a cute little squirrel or chipmunk her hair was tangled and her lips were slightly parted. She was too cute to wake up so I crawled out of the bed careful not to wake her I must've woken her up though cuz I felt a small hand wrap around my wrist in a little bit of a loose grip I turned around and with her eyes still closed she said

"Stay with me...."
I crawled back in bed and wrapped my arms around her waist and she turned to face me, her head laid against my chest and we laid there for a few minutes I wasn't all that tired so I just quietly sang 'kiss me by Ed sheeran'
Within minutes she was out like a light again I kissed her forehead and let her sleep.
She's been sleeping for 20 minutes I don't want to wake her but I kind of need to tell her that in about 10 minutes we will be home sadly.

"Jay, jaay, jay wake up darling we are almost home"

"I don't wanna get up thoooough"

"C'mon don't make me get a bucket of water again and put ice in it this time"
She shot up to look at me

"I'm awake!" She immediately said

"That's what I thought"
She got up and hugged me

"You okay jay?"

"Yeah I just like hugs" she said sleepily I chuckled

"Okay well get ready darling and then maybe we can penny board down to Starbucks once we get home"

"Sounds like a plans moran" she said winking at me

~Jay's POV~

I went to go get ready I was in a very lazy mood so I decided to just throw on my playlist live hoodie when I went to Florida for playlist and met Trevor I out on some high waisted black pants and put my hair up in a messy bun and then I applied some mascara and slipped on my black vans

"Hey beautiful" Trevor snuck up behind me and rested his head on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek

"Hi handsome" I giggled

"Alrighty guys we are here in LA" the tour bus stopped and we got out to go to the o2l house

"Trev can we go get a Starbucks now"

"I HEARD STARBUCKS IM COMING WITH!!!" Words from Mr. franta was heard

"Yeah let's just at least get the luggages in the house and then we can leave to penny board down there" trev said

Once we got the luggages in the house everyone grabbed their boards and we took the trail by the beach to head to Starbucks we thought it would be a pretty nice view to look at while riding to Starbucks

Once we got there we ordered our coffee and lounged outside for a little bit

"Trevor what are we going to do for the next few days?"

"I don't know but I promise you, we WILL make it count! Now, shall we go back so we can unpack and maybe go out for a nice dinner just you. and. I." Trevor said

"Of course let's do dis!"

As we headed to go back to the o2l house I unpacked in Trevor's guest room over there since he doesn't live there once we got done packing it was already pitch black outside but the stars were shining so bright tonight I went to go take a shower and it was like that one night our very first date but this time no notes just but Trevor did pick out my outfit and had sage help with the shoes
This time the dress wasn't as fancy it was quite casual actually I'm guessing it was a casual/fancy dinner

I curled my hair did my makeup and all that jazz and went out to go meet Trevor
I walked downstairs and seen trevor waiting down there with a huge grin plastered on his face he looked so cute

"You. Look. Stunning." He said looking me up and down as I started to blush

"Aw thank you, you don't look too bad yourself moran"

"Awwww someone blushing!!!" Trevor said poking my cheeks
"Well I say we go to that surprise dinner"

"Alrighty" I said and we were on our way once we neared the restaurant Trevor covered my eyes with his hands and told me not to peak
Trevor also told me he'd give me a hint once we get closer

Once we got there he said

"Okay I'm going to take off your shoes but keep your eyes closed"

"Umm okay...?" I said a little confused
Trevor took off my shoes and immediately I knew this was the hint because we stepped on a cold, soft surface it was sand.

Trevor guided me to our spot and told me to open my eyes
When I opened them Trevor had a beautiful small round fold-up table with a white cloth draped over it to make it look decent he had placed a bouquet of roses on the middle of the table two chairs were set on either side of the table it was right by the ocean with very little waves crashed against the shore it was so calm he also had little lanterns placed around the table in a huge heart already lit up and he had one lantern right by the roses to light up the table the table was also "reserved" for Mr. And Mrs. Moran I found out that Trevor had asked a little help from a nice restaurant right by us to help out with the food and the private reservation on the beach

"Trevor- I- I can't put into words how amazing this is-"

"You don't need to say anything, just kiss me" I smiled at his cuteness and kissed him it was a sweet kiss

"Now can you explain the 'Mr. And Mrs. Moran?" I asked giggling

"Well I was hoping that someday we would get married and have kids, grow old-" I cut him off there as a joking matter

"Woah slow down there buddy we are only 15 and 16"

"Yeah but I'm serious there's no one else in this world I want to spend the rest of my life with other than you" he pecked my cheek and guided me toward the table and pulled out a seat for me we ordered ate and sat for a while admiring the view of the ocean

"I love you 'soon to be Mrs. Moran"

"I love you too Moran Im so incredibly thankful we met I mean this all this all you've done for me is amazing thank you Trevor."

"Don't thank me there's no need"

"Trevor you deserve appreciation for all of this you too most of your time to do this just for me!"

"Okay I have one question?" Trevor said

"And what is that moran?"

"Would you dance with me?"

"Trevor there's no music and-"

"Of course there is"

"Trevor you are ridiculous I don't hear anything"

As soon as I said that Trevor had a remote in his hand with a little radio under the table and turned it on with a smirk

"Oh moran you and your charming ways" I laughed he's so cute

Ed sheeran's thinking out loud played
And we started to slow dance to the rhythm with his hands placed on my waist and mine draped around his neck and we started to sway

We ended our night with a kiss.

A/N fun fact I listen to Ed sheeran songs while writing this entire fanfic especially thinking out loud and kiss me hehe

Anyway I hope you like this chapter hoping it turns out longer than usual if not then I will add to it
Luvs!!!😘 p.s yes I know I make the expectations high af and the chapters so cheesy but the more cliche the greater fantasy we have lolz hope you like it!

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