Luke's POV~

"I'll come with."

I didn't want Oliver to come because I was planning on lighting up and cutting a bit...

"Right. Dad I'm borrowing the car okay?"

I grabbed the keys to the van on the way out and hopped in, Oliver hopping in right beside me. What a little blunt-blocker.. (Lol instead of cock-blocker, get it? Sorry I'm lame)

"How old are you again?"

"I'll be 15 pretty soon, why?"

"Because I'm going to smoke, you can too if you don't tell your dad."

"Is this suppose to be a peace treaty for putting my sister in the hospital?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that."

My voice trailed off, still feeling terrible for putting Riley through that... It didn't help that I was being constantly reminded by him. I started the car and pulled out of our drive way.

The CVS was right around the corner so I didn't bother putting on my seat belt even though I made Oliver. Putting two Greens in the hospital on the same day didn't seem that great.

"You can stay, I'll get the meds."

"It's just the inhaler, isn't it?"

"And the anxiety pills."


I looked down at my feet as he took the prescription from my hands and left. I had no idea she had anxiety... Maybe we weren't that different after all.

I hopped into the back seat, crawled over the blankets on all fours and lifted one of the pillows, revealing a slit in the mattress. I slipped my fingers in and felt around for the plastic baggie.

There wasn't much left but I spread it evenly on the two Raw Papers, making a couple of perfect joints, rolled to perfection. I was pretty much an expert in making joints because that's pretty much what my dad and I do for bonding time as bad as that sounds...

When Olly came back, I gestured for him to follow me and we both sat across from each other, leaning on the windows. I handed him one and lit it up, doing the same for myself.

It only took me two hits to start feeling hazy. After two minutes, the van was filled with smoke and slightly burning my eyes but I didn't pay attention.

"I'm sorry about your brother mate, that's awful."

He looked up at me and offered a small smile before taking another hit.

"Yeah well... Not much we can do now, right? I just wish he would've told someone how he was feeling. We could have helped him..."

His eyes were getting teary and I couldn't tell if it was from the weed or not... He made me think though. Maybe I should tell someone how I feel. Maybe someone can help me.

"Have you ever thought about... You know, just ending it all?"

He hesitated and tensed up a bit but then opened up to me which shocked me.

"Honestly? Yes. All the time. And I can't tell Riley because she worries about me so much and I know it will crush her. I don't want to hurt her anymore."

A few tears fell from his eyes and he didn't wipe them. He just let them stain his white cheeks. He kept going.

"She's honestly so fucked up inside, she tries to hide it and she wants people to think she's this bad-ass strong chick but the truth is, I don't know how much more she can take. That's why I can't tell her and neither can you."

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