I let out a sigh as I stare blankly at my keyboard, at a complete loss of inspiration. I’ve never had writers block like this before; usually song ideas come to me like mosquitos flocking a light, but now that I’m actually obligated to write something I have nothing.

I hadn’t spoken to Luke since our fight on Thursday, avoiding him all of Friday and Saturday. Now it was Sunday and I was seriously considering calling it quits on this damn project and failing it.

“Veronica?” I hear my mother’s shrill voice coming from downstairs and cringe slightly. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to talk to her. I try to ignore her and pretend I’m asleep but she continues calling out my name, each time getting louder and slightly more aggravating than before. Finally I exhale loudly before standing up and slowly stalking out of my room.

“What, mom?” My mom stands at the corner of the kitchen, leaning against the counter holding her phone tightly in her clenched hands, scrolling tentatively. I can tell by her pursed lips that she’s in a bad mood, and am already dreading the conversation we’re about to have.

“Your sister is unbelievable. The pictures she posts online are so distasteful,” she holds her phone out in front of me to display pictures of my sister, Emily, posing with her friends at what looked like some sort of club.

“Mom, she’s twenty-three. She’s allowed to post what she wants,” I reply, receiving a harsh glare.

My sister never moved with us to Australia because she was already almost done with high school when we left so she stayed and attended college in Michigan as well. My mother never quite got over her not coming with, though. They had always been closer than we were because my sister liked pageants and fancy clothes and all the things our mom loved. I was always the odd one out, the ugly stepsister everyone smiled at and was nice to but never truly cared about. My mom had always made it clear that Emily was the favorite child and now that it was just me her disapproval was stronger than ever.

“Oh, well. At least she has friends.”

I narrow my eyes and look at my mom in disbelief, “what is that supposed to mean?”

“I just don’t understand why you can’t be more like your sister. She’s so social, you’re just.. a loner. No wonder boys don’t like you. You wear all those ugly clothes and listen to such disgusting music. Why don’t we take you shopping and get you some prettier clothes?” My mom leers at me and purses her lips.

“I don’t need new clothes, mom. I like my clothes.”

She groans and shakes her head in disapproval, “I just think you’d look so much nicer and be more popular if you-“

“I’m not Emily, mom!” I cut my mother off.

“Clearly! I think you need help, Veronica. I’m actually quite worried about you at this point.”

I throw my arms in exasperation, “there’s nothing wrong with me! Maybe if you actually attempted to get to know me then you’d be able to see that! This is just who I am, why can’t you accept that?”

My mom thinks for a moment before responding, looking down at me like I was nothing. “I will not have someone like you as my daughter. All I want is for you to be more like your sister.”

“And I want to move back to Michigan to live with dad, so I guess neither of us are getting what we want.”

She clenches her teeth tightly and turns to face me directly, anger spreading across her face, “your dad doesn’t want you any more than I do. Fix your attitude, young lady. And don’t even think about asking me for anything, you’re ungrateful.”

Something about my mother’s words makes me snap. I quickly push my way past her and run up to my room, tears making their way down my face. I wipe my eyes rapidly trying to slow them down but they don’t stop. I slam my door and slide down the back of it, sobbing to myself.

I hate it when I get like this, I hate that I let her effect me. she made me feel completely unwanted and useless. Eventually I stop crying and just stare at the floor, with no emotion whatsoever. I felt empty, and there was nothing worse than that. I think about what I did wrong to make her hate me so much. Weren’t parents supposed to love their children? Apparently there was something about me that just pushed people away and made them want nothing to do with me.

She’s right, though, I think to myself. My dad doesn’t want me either. No one does.


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