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"You did what?!" Calum yelled through the phone.

"I'll explain later, just hurry and pick me up. I could get kidnapped." I hung up my phone and sat down on the curb. Luckily for me, Taco Bell was near a gas station so I didn't have to walk very far after I stormed out.

I began thinking of everything that happened tonight. It was going so fucking well. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Ashton. It was everything I've wanted to do since 5th grade. But I'm sure he'll probably hate me now that I insulted his girlfriend. Seriously though, that dumb bitch deserved it. Who does she think she is?

I saw Calum's car pull up in the parking lot, and I ran to get inside.

"Holy shit, Cal. Tonight was a mess." I said, practically out of breath.

"Tell me everything. And don't forget the details." He demanded.


I woke up to the too obnoxious sound of my alarm clock and I groaned as I pulled myself out of bed. I was not in the mood to go to school today and face the school's power couple wanting to kill me. dammit autumn why did you get yourself into this mess

I threw on some random clothes, not even caring if I looked good. Then I straightened my light brown hair, and put on a little makeup. I'm sure Meredith will look 30x better than me while she's beating me up but oh well. who am i kidding? that barbie won't touch me and risk breaking one of her fake nails.

from: my asian
I'm here dear

I ran downstairs and outside into Calum's car.

"You look...nice." He squeaked.

Ugh, today is going to be a long fucking day.


"You can do it, Fall. Just relax and take a deep breath. She's not going to hurt you." Calum has been trying to get me to go inside for the past 5 minutes. But I'm just sitting here frozen.

"She may not hurt me but he's going to hate me." I let out a deep sigh. Things were going great between Ashton and I, and then I had to go and fuck it up.

"We're going to be late. Come on, please." Calum drug me out of the car.

We made it into class with one minute to spare. Ashton wasn't in there which made me feel slightly better. I began to finish up the homework that's due today, trying to distract myself from thinking about him.

"Irwin, glad to see you've finally joined us." Mr. Alexander said in his usual sarcastic tone.

I looked up to see Ashton smiling at me. Why in the fuck is he smiling at me? Did I miss something?

He sat down and turned around to face me. "I need to talk to you after class." He whispered.

oh jesus christ


lol ashton is smiling wtf where am i even going w this story

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