The Magical Unicorn

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Once their was a girl named Maddie.She didn't have that much friends.Her best friends name was Twilight.Twilight was a nice friend.Whenever Maddie was sad Twilight was their to cheer her up.They were the best of friends.One day Maddie's mom told her to call Twilight and tell her to go to the store with you to buy some vegetables. So she called her over.When they were walking to the store they heard this loud sound. They went to check it out and they couldn't believe there eyes.

They saw a white  unicorn with blue eyes playing with her kids.It was unbelievable. They slowly made their way up to the unicorn and her childern. They were surprised it didn't run away. Twilight said,"hi can you understand me"with a shaky voice.When the unicorn spoke Maddie and Twilight were in shock.The unicorn said ,"hi my name is Bella".Right when Belle was going to say something when a arrow came out of no where and tried to kill Bella and her family.

Bella told Maddie and Twilight to get on her back fast!She told her children are you ready and they flew off into the clouds.Maddie asked Bella where are we going.Bella said,"to unicorn land".Once they enterd unicorn land Maddie and Twilight thought they were dreaming.There were all sorts of colored unicorns.All the colors that you could imagination.Once they got to Bella's house Twilight asked Bella why did those people want to kill you and you family.Bella replied we are in danger in the human world so that's why us unicorns made our own world.If the king finds you guys he will kill you.So I would say you guys get out of here as fast as you can before he finds you guys. As they were getting ready to leave the king had arrived." BELLA"!!!!!!!he said in a loud voice who are these people.Bella said these arn't like those other people who like to kill us.How are too sure about that he said.If they where like that wouldn't they have killed me already.Maddie said,"we were just about to leave sir. The king similed and said why not a ride home.From behind him came out these gorgeous unicorns and they sat on them for a nice ride home.Maddie woke up and she was surprised that it was all a dream.She looked out the window and saw Bella winking at her and then Maddie thought if it wasn't a dream.

                                       THE END!!!!!

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