Chapter One

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I pull myself up off the floor, pain still attacking my body and head still dizzy. The door on the other side of the cold box room, now covered in my blood, flew open, and in burst at least a dozen police officers. Im shocked,but now feeling too out of it to care. I feel myself being pulled off the floor and then all goes dark as i black out again...

Six months later

The alarm in my phone rings, making me groan in annoyance and frustration of the loud noise. Another night of nightmares and lack of sleep. I guess I have to get up now then. I missed a full day of lectures yesterday... and the day before then.

Dragging myself out of bed, I turn off my alarm. I stumbble towards the shower of my cheap one bedroom apartment. I spend a good fifteen minuets in their before putting on a pair of skinny jeans and a long sleeved starwars jumper, making sure all the scars from those horrific few days were covered.

I apply some foundation, mascara and eyeliner to my face, before grabbing my bad and walking the five minuets to the university campus.

I check my watch and realise their is only a few minuets to the start of my lecture. I study music so their isn't that many lectures, compared to some other classes.

I got straight to the back of the lecture hall and take a seat in a secluded spot. Usually i can spend thewhole lecture sat by myself. People start to filter into the room, most sitting near the front or middle of the room.

The lecture starts,and its about ten minuets through when he walks in. Jack. Jacks loved by everyone I know. He's funny, great at everything, and incredibly handsome.

Normally jack sits with one of his many friends,but today, he started walking towards the back of the room, towards me. He pulls the chair next to me and sits down. Im confused but say nothing.

Its another ten minuets at least, when my phone buzzes in my pocket. I ignore it, but a minuet later, it buzzes again. I pull my phone out. I have two texts from an unknown number.

"Hey :) "

"Hows it going? Xx"

It must be a wrong number.  Thats the only reasonable explanation. I reply...

"I think you've got the wrong number, sorry"

Its not long at all before I get a reply.

"No,this is selene right? Xx"

This is weird. Who is this and how did they get my number?

"Who is this?"

"Now now, their would be no fun in telling you that ;) xx"

I decide the best way to go about this situation is just ignor it entirely. The lecture finishes and I leave, heading straight back to my apartment, despite having more lecture later on. I don't want to go to them.

I make myself some microwaveable rice, and my phone buzzes again, but I leave it. I have a nap instead, deciding to give my tired brain a rest.

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