36 || plane ride

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thirty-six ; plane ride

you boarded the plane, right behind harry, immediately being greeted by the cabin members with fake smiles plastered onto their faces, wishing the two of you a great flight.

it was a private flight, just you and harry, so once you'd chosen your seats, the giant door had already been closed.

while you'd been scared out of your skin about this ride, harry was swiftly pushing the carry on bags into the overhead compartment. he sits down next to you, letting you have the window seat, and settles down into his seat.

"buckle up, baby," he whispers over the loud roar of the engine and spinning propellers.

you nod and do as told with shaky hands, and you try not to show your fear when the belt clicks.

you and harry were flying to rome, just for fun. a little time for yourselves, away from everyone else. it was way more quiet there, the beaches nearby were beautiful, and the city overall was very historic, and both you and harry found interest in it's past.

one of the cabin members still had to show you the safety procedures, even if there were only two passengers, and you payed extra attention, while harry messed around with the little tv attached to the side of his seat.

the flight attendant finished, politely asking harry to stow his tv so the plane could go into taxi and takeoff.

as soon as she sat down in her seat at the back of the plane with the other members, the plane jerked back, backing out of the terminals and heading closer and closer to the runway.

your heart was pounding; you were terrified of plane rides, and they always made you sick, but harry didn't need to know that. you'll be okay for this flight, just thirteen hours, right? you could sleep the whole time and never feel a thing.

the pilot's voice sounded through the intercom, "cabin, prepare for take off."

and then you heard the multiple clicks of the belts being locked, and you unconsciously reached for harry's hand, grabbing it with a tight grip. he turned to you with a confused smile on his face before he raised your hand to his face and pressed a soft kiss onto the back of your hand, leaving your skin burning for more when he pulls back.

"this trip is going to be amazing," harry grins. "are you excited?"

"very," you say so quietly you can barely hear yourself, but harry heard you, causing him to chuckle.

he rests his head back and closes his eyes, just as the plane speeds down the runway, seconds later taking off into the air. you squeezed harry's hand even tighter, but gladly, he didn't seem to notice. your other hand was gripping onto your armrest so hard that your knuckles began turning white.

you took deep, steady breaths until the plane was cruising and the crew were allowed up, while harry still sat there, eyes shut. maybe he was asleep.

you released your grip on the armrest and tried to let go of harry's hand, only for him to sit up immediately and grab your hand again.

"how was that?" he asks quietly, catching your gaze.

you nod your head as a 'good,' but he continues to stare at you.

"are you feeling okay, doll? you look a bit pale," he frowns, reaching his hand that isn't holding yours to touch your face. he presses the back of his hand on your forehead, causing his frown to deepen.

"you're getting warm, too."

"i'm fine, don't worry, harry. just a little hot in here, is all," you shrug with a small smile on your face. you reach up and fix the air conditioning so it's pointed straight at you.

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