Chapter 2

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{This chapter will be from the POV of Matthew Sohinki}

Mari was sleeping on my couch. She had just been balling from our recent, encounter. I can't beleive Peter would do something to hurt her, all she did was treat him like a king. That enrages me more! Mari deserves a guy who will treat her like a queen, because that's what she is. To me anyways.

I kneeled down beside her on my couch, studying her peaceful expresion. The sad thing is, her beautiful face is ruined by the tear stains. I don't know what happened, I just kept inching my face, closer and closer to hers.


"What the-?!" I hollered as I fell backwards. Mari opened her eyes. Opps... I didn't mean to wake her up, "Sorry Mari... My phone went off and scared me." I say and she giggles, "You butthead! I was having the best dream!" She says and flicks my forehead.

A light pink dusted my cheeks from her touch. Mari, why are you so damn perfect?

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