First kiss

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Juliet is starting to fall in love but things can one new coming, it was the week before San Valentines and everybody was talking about it on the school but not her , she was just thinking about her dreams , she knew she like nick but she couldn't told him that he was handsome or to hold his hand or to KISS him like does drama movies she watch at home, but she was going to she wanted to ....until she came

-Ok class she is Lucy she has just move to town i want everybody to be nice with her-said the teacher
Lucy had curly black hair that was really pretty she had green eyes she was like a princess in that moment Juliet felt weird like an emotion that she dislike but she couldn't do anything , she could only look at her she was scared that nick was going to like Lucy what would happen to her dreams ?
Hello! -she said with a smile to nick
Hey nice to meet you I'm Nicolas but you can call me nick-he said with a smile
They talk and talk Juliet wanted to cry but there were no tears , she had a feeling that something was brooking inside her, she just let everything go away and nick knew that he just didn't say anything about it.

Day 2
Good morning Juliet !-said nick with a smile on his face
Good Morning...-she said all sleepy
Are you okay?- said nick
Yea it's nothin to worry about-Juliet said
Really?-he said getting close to Juliet
What...what are you doing..?!...-Juliet said blushing
Lets have a date...-nick said in a sweet voice that makes you fall in love with him
(Yes) um I don't know ,do you want to have a date??-she said nervously
I do but do you ?- nick said
Yes...-she said
They were talking about it all week Juliet was more excited about it since it was her first date with someone she like a knew that he likes her, it was Wednesday night, nick had everything ready the week came fast and then the day Valentine's day and he was waiting for her
Juliet:sorry...for making you wait
Nick:no no its ok
Juliet:well what are we gonna do today?
Nick:stay in my house but lets go buy food and all that good stuff ok?
They went to buy food they came back in 15 min
Nick:wow we are getting fat *laughing *
Juliet:yea...*for the first time she smile*
Nick:huh? Did i just saw MY Juliet smile? crazy
They set everything on the table nick put some movie he make Juliet feel like a princess, Juliet's
was blushing too much she look like a living rose
Juliet:can i open my eyes now?
Juliet:wow so pretty
And it was , it was a like a dream
They watch the movie and ate the food and nick had a surprise for her
Nick:Juliet...I want to tell you something...
Juliet:sure...what is it?
Nick:Im in love with a pretty girl
Juliet:(it must be Lucy ) oh...really?
Nick:Yea and i wanted to tell her that I will always love her
Juliet:re...really..she must be lucky...
Nick:Juliet...can i ask you something
Nick:*stands up grabs a rose and looks at her*Do you want to be my girlfriend...?*blushes*
Juliet start crying but because she was happy
Juliet:n..nick..i...*she smile*...yes..
Nick was really happy to be with her
Nick:well can i give you a gift ?
Nick:gets close to her grabs her hands gets close to her mouth and....kisses her* happy san valentines day my Juliet... you..nick..
Nick: I love you my dear Juliet

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