Chapter 21: Broken Vows and Broken Ribs

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*Mikey's POV*

I couldn't compose my thoughts well enough to make a legible sentence. Between the threats, and the fans and Cara I just couldn't-

"Hey," she soothed, bringing a slightly bruised hand up to my face. "We have to do this or else we won't get out. We'll be trapped here with but without each other and most importantly, I'd like to keep our hands."

I sighed, running my hands through my hair. I grabbed her hand and brought it to our sides, lightly squeezing it. I nodded, which sent a rush of nausea through me, but I ignored it. I came up with a few sentences to say, and started talking.

*Cara POV*

I only had to wait until he stopped talking. I could get us out of here- well, not directly. I just had to wait.

"What's up guys," he started, without his usual enthusiasm. "You may have noticed that we've been inactive lately... And that's because we've moved on. We wanted to start focusing on other things and each-other and this *gesture between camera and himself* is kind of a barrier."

"We still love you, and believe me when I say that. I love you all, and Mikey loves you all and you guys have gotten us to so many places we never dreamed of before. But, all great things come to an end. We just decided that. We need time away from the internet to focus on ourselves," I continued.

"Exactly. And that is why we ask that you watch this video and-"

"Help us" I said loud enough for the camera's mic to pick up.

Mikey looked mortified. Believe me when I say his eyes were the size of dinner plates. I turned towards him and mouthed "that's what we really want. They can help us."

He barely shook his head.

I got closer to the camera and said it again. Sitting back down, we closed out the video. Mikey turned off the camera and looked at me.

"I'm editing that out," he whispered.

"Michael! This is the one way we are getting out of this shitty situation. Explain to me how that is doing damage?" I snapped.

He shot around and grabbed my wrists, "Look at me, I love you, and I want to be with you and even if this situation is shitty you are the person that I need in my life. If it means ending one thing I love to take up another that so be it. I don't know what they'll do to either one of us if we don't make it the way they want it."

"I don't care what happens. I want to die trying Mikey. I love you too, but my love is going into this video. This is our only way out, and if you want to destroy my contribution you're destroying me," I ripped my hands away from him.

I sat on the ground, pouting like a toddler. But if I was going to die there, I was going down with a fight. I was going to brawl my way out of my nails scraping.

He sighed while continuously drawling his hands through his hair. He clasped his hands infront of his body, elbows resting on his knees as he crouched. He looked at my eyes blank eyes with his frustrated eyes. It wasn't until now I realize how bad he looked; shrinking from his once bulky state, dark bags under his eyes and deep creases on his face. Had I worried him this much? In the span of a week he's already gained 10 years.

"Okay. Let's do this then," he sighed.

A wave of victory washed over me, but the gloating would have to wait- we had a video to edit. The one ticket out of here. And let me tell you, this one one clean-cut ticket. We uploaded it from the laptop to Youtube.

Eventually the man came down the stairs again, taking the laptop and making sure we didn't post anything other than the video (I might be stupid, but I wasn't stupid enough to tweet or email for help). He then threw the laptop against the concrete wall, smashing it into bits and breaking everything on it.

He grabbed my ankles and began dragging me roughly up the stairs. Step after steep step I felt an increase of pain in my chest, and more and more of a breathing problem. I started crying for help and asked him to stop and drop me. He stopped abruptly at the top of the stairs, with Mikey at the bottom.

"Why?" he asked.

"He who indulges in frivolous things will suffer, and suffer you will."

Author's Note:

Howdy! Sorry these are filler chapters and such but the end is near! Most of you have left and I noticed the loss of support for this book so I figured you just wanted it to end. So, the end it near. *tears*


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