(Tina's POV)

Adaani and I were coming home from the club and I couldn't help but think about how warm and loving everyone has been to me. I looked down at the locket August gave me and smiled Adaani looked at me and said.

"I told you dad loves you"

" Can I ask you something?" I asked biting my lip

"Of course" Adaani said smiling

" How would you feel if I started August dad" I said avoiding direct eye contact

" Honestly I wouldn't mind ..you're part of the family now, since

we're on the subject how would you feel if I started calling Nicki mom?' Adaani asked

"It wouldn't bother me" I said

We pulled up into the drive way and got out, we walked in the house I seen my mom and dad cuddle up sleep.

"Mom, dad wake up and go upstairs" I said

"Did you just call me dad baby girl" August asked

"Yea I love you like a dad,but anyways goodnight" I said

I walked upstairs and said goodnight to Adaani, then I walked into my room and I was out.


I woke up and hit my alarm, I took a 20min shower, I got out I put on high-waisted jeans a crop top that says bish whet with some black and white Jordan's. I walked downstairs and Adaani was wearing the same thing as me

"My nigga, you stole my outfit" I said while laughing

"Nah nigga you stole my outfit" she said

"Cuss again imma beat both y'all asses" August said

"Sorry daddy love you" we said at the same time

I grabbed a bagel and got in the car with Adaani we drove to school we made I got out and once I seen Jay I ran and gave him a huge hug

"Well looks like someone missed me" jay said

"Yea I did,but what classes you got" I said

He checked my classes and we have all the same classes besides period 8,Adaani and Derwin walked over and we found we have all the same classes besides 8 period.

"So let's head to class" I said sighing


Skip to lunch

As I was walking to lunch I heard this girl call me a hoe.

"Look at that hoe over there thinking she gonna take over this school" She said

"Who the fuck you calling a hoe with yo no edges ass" I said

"Oh you duhhh, with yo dumbass" She said

I looked around trying to see who this chick was talking to

"I'm talking to you" She said getting in my face and mushing me

I don't know what took over me but all of a sudden I was on top of her slamming her head into the ground.

"Don't you ever fucking put your crusty ass hands on me" I said with every punch

I felt myself get picked up and thrown over a shoulder, I started hitting the person carrying me

They put me down in a corner, then I realized it was Jay

"Calm the fuck down with that hitting,cause I swear to God i will hit you back" he said

"Ok sorry damn" I said

"I hope you know you in trouble with August because they called him and he is on his way to pick you up" he said

"Ugh shit" I said while walking to the office to see August waiting for me

"Get your shit and let's go" he said

I got my stuff and I walked to the car I got in and I was nervous as carp

"When you get home to straight to your room and wait there" he said

We pulled up into the driveway I hopped out and ran upstairs to my room

20mins later August walked in

"Stand your ass up, da fuck you fighting for it's your first day and you acting a damn fool" he said while taking his belt off

"Daddy I am sorry she called me a hoe,and mushed me and I sorta lost it" I said backing into a corner

"Nah you gotta control that shit,I ain't finna chase so bring your ass over here" he said

I walked over to him and he grabbed my arm bent me over and started tearing my ass up

10Mins later he was done, tomorrow you gonna,get a talk from me,Chris,and Trey.

"Why" I said with a attitude

"Who are you talking to" he asked

"No one imma go take a nap bye dad" I said kissing his cheek and laying down

"Night baby girl" he said Turing my light off and walking out

(Text mode)

Me: I am so nervous, dad said i'm gonna get a talk from him, Chris, and Trey

Adaani: yep you in trouble that happen to me when I got in trouble and they had a talk with me, but Jay Said he is gonna stop by tomorrow

Me: ok well thanks foe the encouragement (sarcasm) but tell Jay I said ok and I love him

Adaani: lol sorry girl and he said he loves you too,bye girl

Me: lol bye boo

(Text Mode Over)

I put my phone on the charger and fell asleep

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