Part 3

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"Remember, Hye Jin you mustn't fall in love with idols, or else the contract may come to an end and punishment may come to you, you don't know how crazy fans are now a days." Mrs.Jang strictly confirmed
I didn't know why but I knew I had to obey, or else my career would come to an end. After the long ride Rin and a chauffeur, drove me to Sm Ent. I was astonished of how many fandoms were there; Super Junior, TVXQ, , Girls Generation, Shinee, Red Velvet, F(x), and EXO. EXO EXO, I've heard that groups name somewhere before, however I couldn't remember. I got out of the car a few minutes later, fandoms went up to me to ask questions why I was here and who I am, others threatened me to stay away from their 'oppas.' My steps carried me to the the entrance, ignoring every question, but cherished every detail of the large company. Marble floor were covered from surface to surface, there were food sections with a cafeteria, recording studio room, an office, a place to dance, and dorms. An gentlemen appeared in front of me perhaps he was in his 50's. " Hello, Hye Jin, I'm Lee Soo Man the CEO of Sm Ent. I'm guessing your the new model for our company right? We welcome you , I hope you cherish many memories here."
Just then a familiar face, appeared as if he was passing by me, I could already see the fiery expression in his eyes, although he was firm he was irresistibly cute, his ears interestingly reminded me of Elfs ears, judging by his appearence was not bad, in fact very charming. I noticed he'd had the same shoes as me, red Vans?

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