“I love this place. I remember coming here all the time” Niall recollects.

It’s been half an hour since we reached to the Toys R Us – Exclusive Fun venue. It’s a massive ground with different types of rides and shops scattered everywhere along with lots of restaurants and stalls. The whole place is bustling with people. We were currently walking to Dinosaur Land.

“With your family?” I question as I keep an eye on Jace who’s walking ahead of us excitedly.

“No. With my foster mum and sister” he responds.

“Foster mum and sister?” I ask surprised as I glance at him.

“Yeah.. I was an orphan. Like a football I was constantly passed from one foster home to another until I was 18.Then I moved out to live on my own. Worked odd jobs trying to pay for college.Lived in different places. Met all kinds of people etc etc”

“Wow..” I’m stunned as I absorb the massive information Niall just unloaded over me.

“So what do you do now apart from writing?” my curiosity gets the better of me.

“I..I run a bookstore “Connect” along with my friend. In partnership” Niall says as we reach the gates of Dinosaur Land. From what I can make of it from outside is that it’s a massive cave, man-made ofcourse but it’s huge. A smart guy in a black t-shirt & jeans is standing by the gate.

“A struggling writer who owns a bookstore. How ironic” a chuckle escapes my mouth as grab I Jace’s hand stopping him from running ahead. Niall simply winks at me.

“Final lot for this round” he shouts as we join the few people waiting in line to get in.

I hear the gate closing as we are the last ones to get in. We walk towards the mouth of the cave and I notice that there is a track starting from the cave leading in.  Apart from Niall, Jace, and me there are two more teenage girls waiting for turn. As the electric car arrives on the track the same guy who was previously standing at the gate motions for us to get in.

The car is army green in color and it’s like more of a modern day wagon with no roof. There is a tiny door on one side to get in and there are 2 benches facing each other.

Niall gets in first followed by Jace and then me. The two girls occupy the opposite seats. Another guy wearing a black t-shirt walks to us to lock the door of the wagon.

“Good to go Eric!” he shows a thumbs up to the first guy who supposedly is Eric.

Eric walks inside a room which I hadn’t noticed earlier and immediately all the lights illuminating the cave go off. The wagon starts moving slowly at first and then catching speed gradually.

“Omg! Lisa!”

“Omg! Holly!”

The girls infront of us squeal and giggle.

“This is so cooooool” Jace exclaims while I smile at Niall who’s already looking at me and smiling.

An extremely loud dinosaur roar sounds off as suddenly the wagon starts going down in full speed, like it’s sliding off a slide. Lisa and Holly scream, Jace hugs me as I close my eyes and clutch the side of the car.


A/n: I know this chapter's short and the reason because its a filler chapter. I just wanted to give a bit more into Niall's past.

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