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SMUTT IN THIS CHAPT! Don't read if you're going to be immature about it! Love you guys. Enjoy!!!

We order some pizza and we watch Friends for hours and we end up falling asleep.
I wake up sweaty and weak from Michael's head on my lap and my neck hurts like hell. "Michael." I groan. "Mmph?" He hums. "My body hurts." I slightly grip on his hair and he sits up. "Why'd you do that?" He laughs gabbing his hair and rubbing it. "Michael did you just paint your hair and I didn't notice, until now?" I laugh and I was surprised to see it was a darkish blue and it's an amazing color and it's my favorite. "Yeah, I forgot to tell you." He shrugs. "I love you Michael." I scoot closer to him, and I give him a hug and a kiss. "I love you more Lisa, Im sorry I hurt you because I shouldn't have you're an amazing person." He admits. I hug him tighter, I scoot a little away from him and he scoots closer, and gives me a long lustful kiss, and I kiss back, his tongue rubbing my lower lip asking for entrance, I grant him access, and we fight for dominance but he wins. He keeps kissing me and lays me down on the sofa, on a position, I felt his erection. I slowly pull up his sweatshirt and it reveals his chest with tattoos, "fuck Lisa." He breathes on my neck, and sucks on my soft skin, nibbling and licking, and sucking. I moan in response to his professional and sensual moves. I'm already dampened in my underwear and good thing he doesn't feel. He pulls at the hem of my sweatshirt and pulls it over revealing my lace black bra. He groans. "Lisa all the shit you to me, damn." He bites his lower lip. Oh his dirty mouth every single word fits so perfect in that mouth behind plump lips and a long tongue, that can....Oh. I need to stop. "Michael." I groan. He slowly brings his arms to my face and kisses me a couple times, till he slowly puts his arms on my bra and squeezes my breasts. I gasp. "Please Michael." I beg. His eyes dilated from all this passionate stuff. "What do you want?" He keeps rubbing me over my bra. "Please. Take of my bra." I let out a gasp, when he does and sucks on my left breast. I've missed this intimate moments. I grasp his hair and pull it closer to me, and I give him a big kiss, "now it's my turn." I smirk. We exchange position, and now I'm on top. I can feel his erection. "Oh." I softly grind on him. "If you keep teasing me, I'll fucking come right now." He grabs my ass. I laugh. I slowly kiss his red lips and slowly make my way to his pectorals, one by one I suck and kiss, practically giving them a hickey, and he keeps himself from fucking me right then and there. "Stop the fucking teasing." He groans. I love seeing him vulnerable but not when he's crying. I slowly get to the hem of his sweatpants and I slowly suck on his revealed skin and he groans. I can now feel his erection. "For who are you so hard?" I smirk. "Fuck, Lisa. It's for you." He looks at me. I slowly pull down his sweats and slowly pull down his boxers with them. Revealing his length. I so love. I look up at him as bat my eyelashes innocently. He knows I'm not. "Lisa, you looks so innocent right now, fuck." He groans, when I put my 'smart mouth and small mouth' on his long length. I moan in response because he tastes so good, and feels so good, he's so soft and just so yummy. "Oh, Lisa." He moans. I love that sound. "I'm going to come." He warns me. I'm so ready for him. I keep sucking and he soon comes and suddenly he pulls me and turns us around and he kisses me violently. I scratch his back. He slowly kisses my neck and sucks on my breasts and slowly makes his way down to my abdomen. Slowly he kisses around my sweatpants and pulls a little bit down revealing my tattoo of a heart and Michael's name on it, on my hip bone. "Look what I found." He smirks. "Just stop, teasing me."I grow flustered. He slowly pulls down my sweatpants leaving me in my black lace panty. He slowly rubs my aching warmth. "Michael." I moan. "So wet, you're always so prepared." He slowly pulls down my panties, and throws them, I don't know where. "Now where was I?" He breathes over my aching warmth. He slowly sucks on my clitoris and flattens his tongue on my slit. I moan. He inserts a finger and slowly pumps it. "Beg, Lisa beg." He looks at me with pleading eyes. He inserts another finger and fastens his speed. I cry out its such an amazing feeling. "Tell me what you want." He looks at me. "Please fuck me." I moan. He chuckles. "Okay my lady." He says and grabs my arms and pulls me to him, we're both naked, hurting but in love. He pulls me closer to him. He rubs himself on my entrance. I moan and gasp in the moment is inserts himself inside of me, feeling me and I grasp his shoulders and move my hips in a circular motion, up and down, round and round. He thrusts into me everything I go down and I moan. "Oh baby." He moans. I grind more against him, hitting my spot multiple times. I feel the tightening in my stomach "Michael I'm going to.." I couldn't finish when he hits my spot again, "come for me." He thrusts again harder. I can feel his thrusts getting sloppy, and I become undone. I try to go against his thrusts but he comes once I moan his name. I fall on his sweaty chest, while he rubs my back and theres a knock on the door. "Give us a minute!" Michael shouts.


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