Do you know who we are? | Chapter 4

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{Matthews P.O.V.}
I see Cassidy grab a blanket so I figure this is the perfect opportunity to tickle her.

After she grabs the blanket and sits down I tickle her until I get the blanket and once I get I sit down with it.

She then tickles me and then I do that back to her. She finally sits down after I win. Then when I least suspect it she comes over and sits on my lap under the blanket.

We cuddle for a good 5mins until she falls asleep. I pick her up bridal style and carry her to her room. I put her down on the bed, kiss her forehead then start to leave. But as I'm leaving she says "NOOOOO MATT come cuddle with me." "Fine" I tell her.

We cuddle with her body facing me and her head nestled on my chest. I put my arms around her and pull her closer to me. We both fall asleep and I feel her smile into my chest as I fall asleep.

{Cassidy's P.O.V.}
I feel myself being picked up and carried to what I assume is my room. I know matts carrying me.

When he puts me on my bed (I think idk) he kisses my forehead and starts to leave but I don't want him to goooo😭😭.
"NOOOOO MATT come cuddle with me" I say."fine" yay I think to myself.

He plops down on the bed next to me so I move closer to him. He puts his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. I nestle my head on his chest and hear his heart. I smile because I like that it fastened its pace as soon as I cuddled with him. I feel asleep at this point.

{Camerons P.O.V.}
I hear giggling and the tv on in the other room and wonder what's going on.

Soon enough I hear footsteps going up the stairs so I assume cas got tired and Matt took her to bed. I only know it was Matt because carter, Nash, Hayes, and jack j were playing GTA5 with me.

The rest of the boys had gone out to the mall to get supplies. We were having a " welcome to your new home" party and we needed decorations. Soon after I hear the footsteps the doorbell rings.

I get up to go get it and it's none other than o2l. " what do you want"? I ask in a despiteful tone. "Well we saw a girl around Trevor's age come in and we thought we could meet her." Ricky said. " fine she's upstairs in her room with Matt"I said"but she might be sleeping."

I walk upstairs with o2l following right behind me. I knock on her door and say "hey cas are you awake some people are here to see you." She didn't answer so I went in her room and saw that she was sleeping. "I'll wake her up" I told them.

As I walk over to her Ricky stops me. " wait I want to take a picture of them". Typical Ricky. I let him.
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-why does Magcon hate o2l?
-where did the boys go to get decorations at the mall?
-why is Matt being nice?
Answers from last chapter:
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-I didn't cameron in that chapter cuz I added him to this one plus he has nothing to say in that last chapter.
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