"I do have blue hair"

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Btw the title has nothing to do with this chapter lmao but he looks hot af!

Today was Friday finally! This week has been dragging on and it doesn't help that the Michael kid keeps bugging and teasing me. Yesterday he bumped into me in the hallway knocked my books down and just left. Didn't bother to say sorry or help pick them up. I don't know what the hell I did to him!! This is bullshit!

The bell rang and snapped me out of the thought of Michael and why he was so mean to me. But soon I was back to daydreaming since I hated this class, history. This class was so boring I didn't know anyone except for you know... Michael. Damnit now I'm going to be thinking of him, I've never associated with him in my life, so why is he so rude to me! I heard laughter and someone calling me I soon snapped out of my daydream again! To hear my teacher asking me if I knew what she had said and me being clumsy said no so the laughter continued. After she told everyone to quiet down she told me the most horrible news I could ever think of besides someone dying in my family.

"You and Michael Clifford will be partnered up for the history project, you have to pick a time era and study it, this is due in 2 weeks" I heard her say

As soon as she said it I could feel his smirky glance on me. Me being the idiot I am turned to look at him and I see a huge smirky smile appear on his face as he waves sarcastically to me knowing I don't want to do anything with him.
Ugh today has to be the worst day ever!
The bell rang and I took my time because I was in a miserable mood already. I waited till everyone was out of the classroom so I could talk to my teacher alone.

"Mrs. Chance? Can I ask you a question?" I asked

"You just did sweetie." She said sarcastically

"Oh well I meant about the project.." I said shyly scared of her reaction

"Okay, what is it" she said not even looking at me

"Um.. Well I was wondering if you could switch my partner?" I said getting quieter with every word

"Is there something wrong with the one I assigned you?" She said

"Oh um no I just don't um never mind." I said in fear of Michael teasing me more than he does

"I can't change your partner for no reason so if you have no reason for being partners with him that's no excuse... there has to be a legit reason for it." Mrs.Chance said

"Mm okay never mind then.." I said slowly walking outside

As soon as I walked outside I see Michael in the distance I try to ignore him while I walk to my locker but that doesn't seem to work. He comes up to me and starts talking to me.

"So I guess we're partners then right." He said with the biggest smirk on his face leaning against the locker next to mine

"Yeah whatever I guess." I said pissed off that I couldn't change my partner

"Woah what's got you all fired up sweetie?" He says laughing softly

"Look I don't want you as my partner I don't even want to know about your existence!" I shouted

He pinned me up against my locker and just stared into my eyes. He grabbed my face gently not hurting me, for the first time! He started to lean in and I get nervous what is he doing? No he needs to stop! I feel his breathe on my lips and I just stand there like an idiot. I feel a smirk come up from his face. He let go up me and wasn't as close to me before and laughed sarcastically.

"Now why are you all tensed up?" He said sarcastically as if he didn't know what just happened

"Nothing get off of me dickhead!" I pushed him off of me and got my stuff then shut my locker then left

"Aww c'mon I thought we were having fun! I guess I'm coming over to your house today for the project?" He shouted from behind me

"Whatever asshole!" I shout back

While I was walked away I was in shock at what just happened why did he just try to kiss me? Wait but more importantly why did I not try to stop it? Did I like it? I could have stopped it any second but I didn't!? He had really nice eyes but his lips were so red and juicy. What am I thinking? He's an asshole!! But he was so close and part of me want to kiss those soft red lips of his.. I need to stop thinking this I don't like him! He's my fucken bully?!

School finally ended after this long dragged week. I felt relaxed but my relaxation soon ended when I heard the familiar voice.. Michael... I tensed up and turned around.

"So are we walking or taking the bus?" He said

"Umm walking.." I said in a confused tone I had totally forgotten about Michael and the project fuck now my Friday afternoon was ruined!

"Well then let's go?" He said knocking my books over and walking in front of me. Great this is going to be fun!!


We get to my house and I opened the door happy that the awkward walk was over with but sad that I'd have to go through it again in my bedroom. We walked upstairs into my room and thankfully I left it clean. He took of his shoes and jumped on my bed resting and relaxing while I just stared at him. I get my stuff out thinking we were actually going to do work but instead I did the work while he played on my PS3. I asked him to help and he actually pressed pause to help.. Well at least I thought.

"What?" He scoffed

"Um are you going to help?" I scoffed back

"No it's not my cup of juice." He sarcastically laughed like he just said the funniest thing ever.

"Well then I'll just tell mrs.chance that you didn't do shit and then you'll get an F." I said sarcastically and smiled at the end.

"Whatever wouldn't be my first F dumbass." He smiled back at me

"Ugh why are you such an asshole to me ?!" I shouted

"Why not?" He laughed

"What did I ever do to you? I didn't even know who the fuck you were before you started bullying me!" I shouted in his face this time but soon regretted it when I felt a pair of lips on mine. I didn't know what to do everything happened so fast. When I pulled away he looked at me and said
"I should go now.."

"Wait Michael!? Wtf?" I said confused af

"What I'm leaving now and don't tell anybody about this or I'll really kick your ass this time!" He shouted and left

I watched him go out the door and run towards the bus stop. What the fuck just happened and why did I like it? But why did h react that way?! Looks like I'll be doing this project on my own. This just ruined my whole Friday night and weekend!

Okay I finally updated! It's a lot to take in one small chapter sorry but felt you guys needed a little action! Hope you guys liked it I'll be updating Tuesday night hopefully! I have tryouts this whole week for softball please wish me good luck, I'm stressing out. Also comment ideas!!
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