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When I get home I told the guys about the job. "I think they are scamming you. "Lou shrugs. "Why?"I ask. "She let you have the spot just like that. "Lou snaps his fingers.

"Well Lou..maybe your jealous. "I shrug. "Jealous? Of what?"Lou shot up.

"My butt. "I smirk. Matt rolls his eyes and leaves. Josh is laughing. "What butt?"Lou crosses his arms. "This one. "I point at my butt.

"Yeet. "Josh smirks. I gave him the finger. "Meanie. "Josh frowns. "I don't care. "I shrug. "How come you have all those tattoos?"Matt says sitting down. "Because....i like them. "I say.

Later on.

I was in my room trying to take a nap. I couldn't because Parker was listening to music really loudly. I open his door. "Can you slow it down. "I ask. "No. "He snaps. I cross my arms and put the volume down. "Stop touching my stuff. "He says putting it back up.

I turned it off and left the room. "Stop being such a fucking whore. Go back to the dumpster where you belong. "Parker yells as he opens my door.

That really hurt me. My mouth hung open. He sighs and closes the door. A tear slips down my cheek.

I wipe it and try to take a nap.

"Marley. "Lou shakes me. I open my eyes and look at him. "Matt says if you want to go to a party?"He asks. "Uh...sure. When?"I ask. "Tonight at 9. "He says. "What time is it now?"I ask. "Around 6. "He shrugs. "Okay. Yea. I'll go. "I nod.

"We all heard what Parker said. "Lou sits on the edge of my bed. "You did?"I ask. He nods. "What happened?"I then ask. "Matt shook his head and went to his room. He hasn't come out at all. He sent us all a message about the party. He messaged me to tell you. "Lou explains.

"I simply asked to turn it down. "I say. "We heard all of it. "Lou nods. "I'm going to stop by work. "I say getting up. I slip on some shoes and I walk down the block.

"Hey Marley. "I see patty. "Hey, um..can I work today till 7. Just an extra shift to kill time. "I ask. "Totally. "She nods. She explained what I had to do. Fold the new clothing.

My shift was over. I folded over 5-6 boxes filled with clothes. My hands were a little sore. "Thank you so much. "patty says. "No problem. See you tomorrow. 11. "I nod. "Bye. Have a fun night. "She waves. I wave and walk out.

I'm going inside and I hear arguing in the kitchen. "Don't ever talk to her like that again!"Matt yells. I eavesdrop. "She turned my shit off!"Parker yells. "You could've turned it back on. You didn't have to yell at her! Lou told me she was crying!"Matt yells. How does he know I cried a tear?

"You had a tear stain. "Lou whispers to me. "I said it out loud. "I face palm. He laughs quietly. "Just leave her alone!"Matt yells. I run upstairs. "You okay?"Josh asks as I run down the hall. "Peachy. "I say going into my room.

I lay down and huff.

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