Gabby's POV*

I'm coming to Boston! -Cole

I read the text with a smile on my face. I hadn't seen Cole for months now. Since December actually when I went to Texas for Christmas. It was March now, I was going to California for spring break in a few weeks.

When -Gabby

"Why are you smiling like that?" My roommate asked me. She wasn't the friendly type but neither was I. Sometimes we got along, sometimes we didn't. She really liked Cole though so she was always nice when he came over. It was good and bad.

"Cole is coming." I answered. She nodded and started subconsciously fixing her hair while she continued to look over her notes.

Today -Cole

I squealed in excitement. I wished he had given me a little time to prepare but he was coming today. I didn't have classes today so it was perfect.

There was a knock on the door. I looked at my phone. He couldn't be here already. He would at least give me a warning before he even boarded a plane.

"That was a fast flight," my roommate told me. I looked at her. She wasn't smart all the time.

I went and unlocked the door. Dana, Gabe, and Cole were standing there.

"Hey Gabby." Gabe was the first to hug me and invite himself into my dorm. Dana was next. He actually lifted me off the ground.

"I love your friends," I told Cole when the other boys were far enough away. "But I wanted alone time with you."

Cole wiggled his eye brows suggestively. That was not what I meant at all. I mean, we probably would do that I just meant like going on a date with him and talking to him. I didn't neccessarily want an audience when I was with Cole doing anything.

He shut the door behind us so it was just us standing out in the hallway. There was of course, the other people and the people who had their doors open but no one that knew us.

"We can go back to my hotel room?" Cole suggested.

"And leave those two here with Kennedy?" I asked him in astonishment. I would never do that. I would never leave them here in the first place and I wouldn't do that to my roommate even if I didn't want her near Cole.

"Maybe her and Dana will hit it off? He needs a girlfriend. Gabe has Alex and I have you." Cole wrapped his arms around my waist trying to get me to agree.

I looked back at the door biting my lip hard. I didn't want to do it but at the same time I did.

"It will get Dana off our backs every time we come to Boston." Cole tried to persuade me again.

"Fine, lets go but we are getting something to eat." I walked back in my room and put on my shoes. Gabe and Dana were just messing around on my bed while Kennedy looked at them with a little bit of distaste.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed everything I needed before meeting Cole in the hallway again.

"Ready?" I nodded and grabbed his hand as we started walking out of the dorm building.

"Oh you know what we should do now that you're down here?" I asked. I was very excited after I dropped other career choices and deciding I wanted to major in history. It was great to go to Boston because there was so much history here. I loved it.

"What?" Cole asked watching me with a smile.

"Go on the Freedom Trail! It's got all these places from the American Revolution period like Bunker Hill and The Boston Massacre! Oh it has the grave yard too! It's so amazing!" I could go on and on about this place, or Boston in general. I usually spent my weekends visiting some historical site and dragging my friend along with me. He was a guy and Cole knew about him but Cole wasn't jealous, he trusted me.

"You're really cute when you get excited." Cole poked my nose as we stopped outside a seafood restaurant.

I slapped his hand and furrowed my eye brows trying to look mad. "Still cute."

"I hate you." I mumbled before breaking out in a smile.

"No you don't, you love me." Cole grabbed my hand again as we stepped inside and got a table for two.

"I'll go on the trail with you tomorrow. I think it's going to be adorable when you get to every site and get excited." Cole spoke before picking up his menu.


"You're so cute! I love you! I'm so lucky you're my girlfriend." Cole poked my nose again but grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together before I could swat his hand.

"I love you too now focus on the food." Cole rolled his eyes but looked at his menu like I told him too.

We worked out. Sometimes we had playful arguments like now. We had the serious arguments where we wouldn't talk to each other for a few days. All in all, we worked it out. We fit each other into our schedules and realized that we had dreams as individuals. We were healthy and going strong. It was a bumpy road to get here, but we were finally happy together.

"Dalton's coming up next week. I'm going to his show." I told Cole. Cole still got a little jealous of Dalton. He trusted I wouldn't cheat or anything, but he was jealous because we had so much to talk about and so much in common.

"Well you're coming to my show tomorrow right?" Cole asked. I didn't like boy band music, but I liked Cole's music. Maybe I didn't necessarily connect to the lyrics, but I liked the vocals and that was enough. Plus, their lyrics were improving.

"Of course."

Cole smiled. "It's hard to believe you used to hate me."

"Yeah, it is. I should probably go back to that huh just so we can remember." Cole covered my mouth and told me to stop. I laughed at him. It was only a joke.

"No, you're going to love me forever."

"And always."


The End! They ended up happy finally.

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