Chapter 13- All Aboard the Baby Express

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"Sam, I'm pregnant." I repeated, tears threatening to spill out. He hated me, I mean why else would he not say anything. He was frozen. Dean walks up, confusion spread across his features.

"What's up?" He questions, staring at Sammy.

"I'm pregnant." I said a tear rolling down my cheek. He stood there for a moment then pulled me into a warm hug.

"I'm gonna be an uncle!" He mumbled into my hair as I giggled.  Dean looked at Sam and shrugged, walking away to the drivers seat. Sammy hadn't moved an inch since I told him. I didn't know what to say, so I did the only thing I could think of. I took his large hand in mine and placed it on my still flat stomach. He blink then caught my eyes in his as a tiny smile grew on him. He then pulled me into a bone crushing hug and laughed. All three of us got in the impala and drove off.

Dean refused to pull off until I buckled up and sat up. He then drove ten miles under the speed limit and came to a complete stop at each stop sigh and light, even if it was yellow. Sam thought it was funny, where I found it unbearably annoying.

"How about Benny if it's a boy?" I question, breaking the silence.

"Definitely not." Sam said looking back at me.

"I like it." Dean said smiling.

"No! I'm not naming my child after a vamp." That's how it's gonna be, a lifetime of hunting, a lifetime of names...great.


I sat on a dirty, smelly motel room bed, rubbing circles on my stomach where the tiniest pooch was forming. Sam and Dean went out to look for any old run-down buildings that the Djinn would stay at.

I got up and began rummaging through the small fridge, only to see it empty of my Fanta. I was not about to let me craving die. I stole some change from a stray pair of Sam's pants and trotted out to the glowing vending machine. I popped the three coins in and pressed the button labeled Fanta. I opened the cold bottle and gulped a swig down as a hooded man approached me.

He had tattoos littering his face, over his bluish skin. He slammed me against the buzzing machine and pressed his meaty hand to my face as I black out.


I jolt awake, gripping warm, cushy sheets... oh God...where am I?

I look over and see a large man in bed with me, sleeping..."Sammy." I whisper as he stirs awake.

"What's wrong hun? The baby okay?" He questions, placing his hand on my swelled stomach. What?... DAMN, THE DJINN! What am I going to do?

"Oh-uh-nothing...the baby's fine." I say, feeling a slight kick. Sam looks at the black alarm clock then begins to get dressed.

"You need to get ready babe, the appointments in an hour." He says pulling on his tie over a spiffy suit. Appointment? For what?

I hobble out of bed and to a small calender. "What's the date...hun?!" I ask, uncomfortably.

"The eleventh!" He shouts from the bathroom. My eyes scan the rows, in search of the eleventh. Gender Reveal! Was written in red, capital letters and circled twice. Gender? The baby's gender?

Our house was huge. Sam worked as a lawyer and I was a teacher for the 6th grade. We lived in Lawrence, Kansas in a light yellow house with a white picket fence. We even had a dog named Rufus, Sam called him Rufus McGoofus and a goldfish named Bobby. We had a red minivan that made me almost gag.

"What happened to the Impala? "I questioned.

"Oh-dads old piece of junk? He scrapped it years ago." And with that I was done with this universe.

I tried to remember everything Sam and Dean told me about Djinn. Then I remembered something Dean said. Dean told me about how he was trapped in a Djinn world. He got out by dying in the dream world. I needed a plan.

Before the appointment we stopped off at Deans. His house was big and white. It had a huge yard and a swing set. When I walked in I saw Cas and Dean snuggled up on the couch watching t.v. with popcorn in between them.

Two little kids came flying down the stairs and into Sam and I 's arms, screaming, "Uncle Sam!" and, "Auntie Riley!" I sent the kids upstairs and walked towards the kitchen, looking for a knife.

I grabbed the sharpest one and held it over my slightly swollen stomach. Dean, Sam, Cas, and the kids walked into the room. "Riley, what are you doing?! Put that knife down!"

"I know what this is!" A tear slipped down my face,"this isn't real! None of it, it's an acid trip from that Djinn!"

Sam walked up to me, placing a hand on my stomach. "Why couldn't you just leave it alone? You were happy, we can be a family."

I sighed. Maybe he was right, I could stay, live my life out here. Give the baby a chance to have a real life... Baby... our baby. No, I had to give our real baby a chance.

I backed away from Sam, Dean and Cas. One..Two...Three! I forced the blade into my gut. "Riley?!" Dean's voice echoed through my mind.


"Riley?! Oh God, Riley... Sam, she's over here!" Dean yelled, placing his hands on my sides. I was hanging by my wrists from the ceiling. A needle was stuck in my neck with a tube feeding my blood into a bag. I was so tired and loopy to say the least.

Sam ran over as Dean removed the needle from my frail skin. Dean picked my legs up as Sam cut the rope binding my wrists together. I fell into his arms, clinging to his shoulders. I felt the need to tell him my dream.

"We-uh-we lived in a big yellow Lawrence, Kansas. We had a dog a-and a goldfish. We were married and so we're Dean and Cas. They had two kids...we were happy."

Sam smiled lightly with a sigh as he wrapped a small blanket around me. "Okay, birdy. You're okay." He whispered.


I was sitting on the motel bed watching t.v. Dean was cleaning some guns and Sam was in the bathroom taking a shower.

A sudden gust of wind followed by a light flutter startled Dean and I. In front of me stood a very pissed Balthazar. "Dad! What you going here?!"

He looked around the room. "Where's the little prick that got my baby girl pregnant?!" An angel blade dropped from his sleeve into his hand. I jolted up, one hand in front of Dean and the other on my stomach.

"Christ dad! Calm down...put the blade away!" I say as the shower turns off with a loud squeak.  Balthazar, hearing the shower turn off, smirked knowing it was Sam.

He walked towards the the door and kicked it in. Sam yelled and went to cover up his man bits. My dad held the blade to his chest, leaving a slight cut."Jesus, Balthazar!? What's your problem?" Sam yelled, putting his hands up in defense.

"Dad!" I screamed as Balthazar began yelling incoherently at Sam. He wasn't listening, he didn't care. He was going to kill Sammy. No, I needed to do something.

I extend my arm in front of me and focus on Balthazar. I twist around towards the opposite wall and Balthazar went flying . I approached him, pinning him to the room. "Dad, I don't want to hurt you...but you touch Sam ,Dean or Castiel, I will." I let him drop to the floor. I kneeled down to his level. "Now, this is happening, whether we like it or not." I did the same I did when I told Sam. I took his soft hand and placed it on my stomach. "This...isn't going away. So, I suggest you get on the baby express."

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