Original Me

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"The day has come..... School. I'm scared mom!"
"You'll be ok. If anything is wrong, Tell your teacher."
Turns out I have Mrs.Bitch. Just kidding, her name is Mrs.Sanmidge. She everyone knows she is a BITCH. She doesn't care about anything except for her stupid fat ass cats. She has 3. The largest weighs 55 pounds. Her name is Lucianne. That is a true fat ass cat. The 2nd fatest is 49 pounds. His name is Nat. The last one weighs 44 pounds. Her name is Fatima. I'm finally in 10th grade. they eat this cat food called "Chunky Cat". Weird, right? It is 78% fat. No wonder she has such fat cats.
I put my lunchbox in my bookbag, get in the car, and think.
"You have a appointment after school for Chemo."
"Ok." I sighed.
"I can't wait to see my friends!"
I forgot, I have to tell them. I hope they understand.
"Bye mom.''
As I enter class, Someone shouts out "CANCER GIRL IS HERE!" I was so embarassed aand upset. That bitch got detention for 4 weeks. He also went to the Principle's office. I sit down and my nose starts bleeding. I ask to go to the nurse and it gets worse. I run down the hall and finally get there. Nurse Foley said i have to take some pills. She said it's the cancer causing it.

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