Chapter One: Sophomore At Last. [Nile]

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Nile gave a soft sigh as she shook her head softly and looked at grounds of the boarding school that she has been going to for a few years. It wasn't all that bad since she had a few friends that she had made over the years. She hated school even though she was one of the smartest people. She just wanted to be in charge of her life. She has had plenty boyfriends and she was rather popular since she was pretty much he richest person in the school so what she said was what happened. If she wanted a movie night on a Tuesday instead of a Friday then it was on Tuesday. If she wanted to host a school dance then it happened. She was the top bitch at the school and wasn't afraid to use her influence to get people kicked out or in trouble. Her past didn't define her completely, she just didn't like bonfires or Volkswagen Beetles because they reminded her of the one time she had no influence on how her life went.

Great, yet another school year and no one cares. Three more years and then I can get my business degree while going here so then I can get my company.

Nile shook her head and walked up to the campus as she looked over the crowd of fans. She was a perfect student in public but only her friends knew that she had a very dark and evil side of you fuck ed with her. She was in the Chess club and she's in a every sport that she isn't burdened by her eyepatch. Everyone was extremely loud which made Nile kinda angry but not so much as to ruin her reputation as top bitch and kindest person on campus. With a small sigh escaping her lips, she escaped the crowd and walked over to her friends. She definitely was one of the people that would leave you wondering what her feelings were. She smiled softly at them and immediately a blonde haired girl ran over and hugged Nile roughly, which caused Nile to lose her breath.

"Nile! What did you do over the summer?!?!?"

"I didn't do much, mind letting go? I think you crushed a rib Sammy"

"Whoops! No problem!" The blonde then released her hold on Nile as she smiled nervously and tried to keep from laughing at the coughing Indian girl. "Sorry about that Nile!"

"That's fine," Nile then stood erect again, her coughing had stopped and she looked over at Samantha, who she called Sammy, and smiled somewhat goofily as she spoke "What about you? What did you do this summer?"

"I stayed up at my parents summer house in Florida! The view there was aaaamazing" Sammy then let out a soft giggle and looked at her phone before walking away "I have to go to the office, I was told to be there a few minutes ago so I can see who my roommate is!" Sammy then sprinted to the office as she waved goodbye to Nile for now.

"Alright Sammy! I have to get to the sports center anyhow!" Nile then adjusted her backpack over her shoulder before running to the sports center since that was the only other place you could get your roommate at. This school did their best to keep the dorms to just two people a room, and then it was big enough to house six people, they had walk in closets, a kitchen, two restrooms, two king sized beds in two master bedrooms and a large living room along with a balcony. It was the exact opposite of the orphanage that she had stayed in oh so long ago.

:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Time Skip, 6p.m.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:

Nile had found her room a few minutes ago and sighed. She had yet to meet her roommate since the other female hadn't been there. With a small sigh escaping her lips, she had unpacked her stuff and walked out to the living room before sitting on the couch. Just then, a girl with short blonde hair and red streaks in it walk in a with a smirk playing on her lips. She smiled and went to her room before putting her things away and coming out to the living room again. "Hey, my name is Sina, and you are?"

"Are you stupid? You don't know who I am?"

"Why else would I ask your name?"

Nile sighed softly and shook head at the other girl's ignorance before speaking "Nile Szuh. Now do you know?" She turned her head just enough to see the shocked expression on Sina's face "Good, now I'm headed to bed, don't bother me." She then stood and walked to her room before closing and locking the door behind her. She then slid into the bed and sighed before drifting off to sleep.

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