Kayla's POV

Time seemed to slow as the sound exploded throughout the air.

My head snapped to the sound, my face most likely showing shock as Tonia stood there, hands holding onto the gun firmly. She shakily looked to the gun before gasping and dropping it in disgust.

It suddenly dawned on me that it would of hit something and my body filled with dread. Looking slowly to my side, I feel my breath hitch. The Doctor ran over and slowly lowered him to the ground, in his arms. I immediately ran over and fell to my knees down beside them.

"Master." I whisper out, placing my hand gently to his chest, seeing the blood ooze out. "Please, Doctor. He'll be okay, won't he?" I choked up, tears threatening to escape. "Always the women." The Master grumbled lowly, referring to Tonia. I shook my head at him, using my free hand to touch the side of his face.

"I didn't see her." The Doctor frowned as his eyes averted to me. Shakily, The Master rose a hand and brushed a piece of hair that had escaped from my messy ponytail behind my ear. I took my hand away from his face and put it on top of his.

"Dying in your arms, Doctor. Happy now?" The Master weakly looked to The Doctor as a few tears slid down my cheeks. "Don't be a fool, you're not dying!" I growled, seeing him look to me. "Regenerate." I mutter, eyes blazing. "No." He sighed out as more tears fell.

"One little bullet, come on!" The Doctor tried. "I guess you don't know me so well." The Master breathed out, his eyes widening for a second. "I refuse."

By now, tears were freely streaming down my face. "Regenerate! Please, please regenerate!" I choke out, seeing him struggle a bit. "And spend... The rest of my life... Imprisoned? With him no less?" He scoffed half-heartedly as I attempt to wipe my eyes.

"But... I love you." I whimper aloud, raising his hand to my face, holding onto it desperately. "I love you too, Kayla." His breathing was getting shallower, eyes drooping every so often. "I didn't think it to be possible. The big bad Time-Lord Master falling in love with a human." He dryly chuckled, looking at them.

"It can't end like this." I bite my lip. "Regenerate!" The Doctor interrupted, loudly exclaiming. The Master seemed to choke, taking in deep breaths and swallowing hard. His eyes suddenly wide. "Hah. Just when I found the cure..." He sighed slowly, his last breath.

My body began to shake, sobs racking my whole insides. The Doctor, who also had tears streaming down his face, reached over and hugged me tightly. Hands clutching around his neck, The Doctor and I shared a moment. Ragged breathing and silent cries filled the silent air as my head pounded, heart breaking.

A strangled yell emitted from The Doctor's mouth, as I slowly look down to The Master. He was... Dead. His face seemed peaceful, eyes closed and ever growing, cold, skin. My eyes filled with fresh tears.

He's gone... My Master is gone.

I stood, face blank of emotions. The Doctor and I had cried most of the day, until now. Standing beside me was The Doctor, the others respected us and let us to it. He reached out a hand to me as I gingerly take it. He held a torch in his other hand, The Master's body was wrapped up in a cloth and laid atop a pile of wood planks.

It seems horrible burning The Master's corpse, doesn't it? But after everything, he is a Time-Lord. And as a Time-Lord, who know what his body in the wrongs hands could do. So the only way that can be avoided, is by completely getting rid of the body.

Pausing slightly, The Doctor seemed to be having a battle with himself before placing the torch atop the wood, burning them. I swallow, a flame soon appearing.

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