A Long Reunion

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The Kingdom Keepers haven't seen each other for 4 years. They stayed in touch through cell phone calls and meetings every 5 years, but only the adults attended because the kids usually had other things to do elsewhere. But this meeting was different. Wanda had contacted them and needed them to meet in Walt's firehouse in Walt Disney World.The Overtakers have somehow escaped into the outside world, and are causing emense danger. So all the Keepers, and their children, packed up their belongings and now stayed in a secret hotel that has been in Disney World for about 20 years now. They met up in Walt's firehouse and are waiting for Wanda to arrive.

"Hey! Amanda are you.....?"

"Yes, Charlene, this one should be out in exactly a week from now!"

"OMG!" Squealed Willa. "So, is it a boy or a girl?"

"Well..... we don't want to find out until next week so..... yeah."

"Mom." Said Ethan

"That's me"

"They go to my school." Ethan was pointing at Gabriella and Angela. They were the smartest girls in the school. Angela and Gabriella were almost identical, Angella has red curly hair while Gabriella has black hair. Other that their hair they look exactly alike. But if you asked Ethan, Angela was much prettier than Gabby.

"Wait isn't that the girl you keep talking about?" Asked Amanda.

Ethan suddenly turned red. Willa was certainly listening and would most likely tell Angela the next chance she had.

"Umm...." Ethan's words were stuck in his throat. Nothing was going to get him out of this one.

"Don't worry I won't tell" Willa confirmed.

And suddenly the front door creeped open. To the Keepers surprise it was not Wanda at the door, but The Dillard. Finn had forgotten about the hologramic replacement of his best friend and almost cried. But instead he only let out a tear that only Amanda saw. Finn was being brave for his kids. If the kids weren't there, Finn might have just made a river with his sobs.

"Wanda has been stuck in some.... events.... and won't make it to your little meeting." For some strange reason The Dillard had dark green eyes and was talking in a different voice, Maleficient's voice. The Keepers still hadn't figured out the voice.

"Daddy?" Asked Liam.

"Yes." Philby said in a stiff voice.

"That sounds like Mal... Mal... What is her name?"

"Malefacient" Philby gasped.

The Dillard left leaving everyone with questions.

Suddenly there is more knocking. And the door creeps open, again.

"Hey! Sorry I am late!" Maybeck exclaimed.

"Dude! You nearly scared the stuffing out of us!" Finn said a bit of relief in his voice.

"Did you see hologram Dillard? And his green eyes?"

"We sort of already had a run-in with him" Noel told his father.

Suddenly Sabrina screams.

"Sabrina?" Charlene called.

"Mommy!!!" Everyone ran towards the scream. And there was Cruela De Vil.

Sabrina was terrified of Cruella and was as pale as paper.

"I just came to deliver a message. Maleficient says 'you might be safe here but that is all the saftey you will get. Be aware of my wrath'". And then Cruella dissapered into the air that hung with silence.

"Hey! Weren't the bad guys banned from Disney 7 years ago?" James said

"I think I found something"

"You must be the Professor Philby Dad talks about."

"Yes indeed I am".

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