[Jaimyn's POV| At school]


Roc: *holds her necklace in her face* Why? It's just a necklace!

Me: My mother left that for me and I'm not allowed to take it off!

As soon as I said that, I knew I would regret it. The fact that I'm bring held down and can't defend myself, leaves them to do anything with that piece of information. They used to be my friends.... but I don't know what happened.

I walk into the classroom with my head down. It's the first day of school for me at my new school. It's first grade. I see a group of girls and walk over to them. As I'm walking, one of the girls trip me and the whole class laughs. The whole class except for this group of 4 boys. I quickly get up and run to a corner of the room and cry. A few minutes later I feel someone tap my shoulder. I wipe my eyes, turn around, and there the boys are with tissues and a bag of Reeses cups.

Boy 1: Hi, my name is Craig and they are Chres, Myles, and Daniel. *points at each of them*

Chres: We saw what they did to you. It's not nice of them to trip you because your not as girly as them. *looks down*

Daniel: But we are glad that your not like them. I like your jordans by the way!

Me: *blushes* Thank you guys.
(Shes wearing black skinny jeans, a green shirt , and green and grey jordans)

Myles: Do you want some Reeses? *holds out bag*

Me: *grabs some* Thanks, these are my favorite. *smiles big*

We all laugh and go to play basketball.
(End of Flashback)

We stayed that close through elementary. When Myles and Daniel went to a different middle school, Chres, Craig and I stayed together still. We were so close that I gave them the names they use today, Prodigy because Craig was so good at everything he did and Roc Royal because Chres was tough on the outside and always defended me, yet was extremely sweet and funny. But ever since we began highschool it all.... Changed.


I know its short, but I really wanted to update for yall... imma try to make the next chapter as long as I can. Thanks for being patient!

- LittleSweetMisfit_24/ Peppa <3

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