Chapter Two: Haley's pov 2 weeks later...

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Hey guys. I'm gonna update twice today since this is a shorter chapter. The next chapter will be longer so yeah...
James gets up in the middle if the night to take a phone call. He thinks I'm asleep but I hear everything he says.
"...What are you saying sir?...Yes...
That's perfect. Thank you." He hangs up and comes back into the room.
"What's perfect?" I ask.
"I don't have to leave in the morning." I smile and hug him. "Jesus Hals." He says. "I'm not gonna disappear on you." He says kissing my forehead.
"You could." I say with a smile.
"I won't let it happen." He says, pulling me to him.
He mesmerizes me. He has deep green eyes that compliment his tanned skin. His chin is slightly to the right. His nose is pretty much the definition of perfect. His hair has grown out of his crew cut.
"Haley?" He asks.
"You were talking out loud." I blush and burry my head into his shoulder. "Don't hide from me babe." He says.
"I will if I want." I say. He sighs and lifts my chin up. He looks into my eyes and smiles.
"You wanna know what I see when I look at you?" He asks. I nod. "I see purity and beauty and confidence." He plants a kiss on my lips. "So don't ever hide from me. Ok?" I nod, wrapping my arms around him again. I try not to cry. He knows about me cutting. He knows about everything yet I'm still his. And he won't let me forget it.
"Do me a favor?" I whisper.
"Anything for you babe."
"When you leave, make sure you come back." He kisses my cheek and hugs me tight.
"I'm just going to Texas for a few months. I promise you nothing will happen to me." He says. "أحبك. مع كل ما لدي." He whispers in my ear.
"What?" I ask pulling back to look at him.
"Arabic." He says.
"Well what does it mean?" I ask.
"Nothing." He lies down on his back, but I stay sitting up. "Babe, it was nothing. Let's just get some sleep." I let him pull me to him. He traces his fingers up and down my arm.
"Nothing won't be your response to everything, right?" I ask.
"Hals no. I promise. I'll tell you what it means later. You're not ready yet. Ok?" I nod and close my eyes, drifting into a heavy sleep.

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