After the whole ordeal at school I never expected for Scott to lose Allison on what he claims is a break. Stiles to try and cheer him up as best he can and me hanging out with my mom, but not focusing on the movie were watching since I can't focus on some stupid movie while our world is crashing down around us. My mom's going on later shift and she looks like she's about to pass out. 

When did our lives become so messed up to the point that we have to lie to almost everyone around us and wonder if we could trust them. It's hard to say in the world we live in now who you can really trust. I can only really trust four people. That would be my mom, my brother, Stiles, and his dad. Even though the two adults I can't be completely honest with them, but I trust them more than anything.

What I don't trust is Stiles taking Scott out to go "drink away his sorrows" with alcohol. I don't think getting drunk will help anything. It might even make it worse, definitely since the full moon is tomorrow night and Scott is being incredibly moody. Mom even asked me what the deal with him was and I told her since mom and I haven't gossiped in a while. 

"So, what's her name broke up with him at the school right after all of you got out?" she asked tiredly. She needs to go to sleep, but she told me she was staying up with me till the movie ended.

"Yeah, Scott keeps on insisting that their only on a brake, but to me I see it as a brake up." I said taking the last scoop of my cookies and cream ice cream. 

"Oh." was all she said. She was probably trying to figure out what was the best approach to talk about it with him. I mean I have know idea how to talk about it. I've never been in a relationship and never being broken up with.


Scott took us to school, but he didn't say a word. He had his thinking face on. I know that this morning he told mom that he was going to get Allison back, but it's going to take time for Allison to forgive him. I don't know what to do so I've just kept my mouth shut about it. 

I tried calling Allison, but she wouldn't answer. So, I guess she's ignoring both McCall's now.

I tried talking to Sarah too, but she is still acting strange and anti-social. She stopped hanging out with her other friends to the point they came to me and asked if everything was okay with her. They say she is like a totaly different person all together. She even dresses different, no more dresses and heels. It's now combat boots and dark clothing and jeans everyday. She doesn't even stay for lunch and she changed her scedule around that now we have no more classes together. 


It was lunch time and I walked in and grabbed some lunch and sat at Scott and Stiles's table like usaul only to see that no one was there. Where are they?

I looked over at Lydia's table and only saw Allison and Jackson there and what they were doing was pissing me off. They are actually flirting. Really so you brake up with Scott and once school gets back in you start flirting with another guy? What the hell Allison?

Jackson too. He is dating Lydia. What is he doing flirting with Allison, Lydia's bestfriend? I ate my lunch quickly and once I stood up to throw away my trash I caught Jackson's eye and glared at him like I have never glared before. What pissed me off more was that he only smirked at me like he won. I quickly walked out of the lunch room done with all this stupid drama. 


I know its stupidly short but I wanted to update and I'm trying to think of stuff for the next chapters.

Hope you injoyed

Love Y'all


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