A new chapter

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After 3 hours I was finally ready. Well not mentally ready but just physically ready. My mum had offered to buy wedding outfit and as I saw myself in the mirror I saw why she didn't mind paying an ugly amount of money for the lengha. It was perfect. It was tight in the right places and the amount of jewelled embroidery was just right. I didn't look like a disco ball but at the same time I didn't look plain either.
"Mashallah, sof you look...stunning" Layla stood in the doorway in her champagne coloured bridesmaid dress. She also, looked perfect. Zayna and Anisa followed Layla and pulled the same face as they saw me, "I didn't think hagrid could actually look nice!" Of course Zayna had to ruin the moment "same for you Harry Potter! Now come on girlies we don't have all day I have my wedding to attend to!!"


The doors opened as maher zains nasheed was playing. This was it. I was getting married. I lowered my gaze as my mum and dad stood on either side of me guiding me to stage ahead. Although I was looking at the floor I could feel everyone staring at me and the same anxious/scared/excited feeling returned. After what felt like ten years we finally reached the stage, Zayna Anisa and Layla helped me to sit and sort my lengha out. Finally it was time for Musa to enter and for us to officially get married. The doors opened and I saw my husband
to be, he looked....so handsome. He had his whole family behind him and as they made their way towards the stage the feeling returned, this time much much worse.

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