Dear diary
I walked in with my eyes open too see everything in his house , everything was absolutely beautiful . I stared at the picture with he and his mom .... A huge smiled appeared to my face .
" a oh honey , I guess you wanna explore BRANDONS room go ahead "' she said BRANDON was in the rest room . So I just went . I went inside his room the wallpaper was black and white . There was alotttt a lot of frames . I smiled to see with one on me . It's the one we took on fuzzy friends . A lot of pictures of the animals . And a picture of his mom and dad . I smiled at how awesome of a family they are .
Then there was this huge board type of thingy
My dreams . ( 4th grade )
1) I want my dad to like me .
2) Wanna be the owner of fuzzy friends .
3) Nikki :) <3
I blushed when I saw Nikki , was there another Nikki . Did he have a crush on me ? meh. ? Omg wow .
I stared at it and smiled . There were a lot of action toys . There was one of his tshirt . It said .
' My dad , My hero ' I smiled . What happened to them, :( why did he want his dad to like him ? So they not get along ? I have to keep this a secert , but I will find out . I'm not gonna tell BRANDON about this , hence he might think I'm a stalker . I was gonna go out of his room before he came but he already came out .
" Errmm Nikki ? What are you doing here ? " He said . Blushing , I blushed too I immediately closed my eyes . As BRANDON only had a pant on .
" I'm sorrry :| " I said blushing even harder . I opened my eyes and just peeped . 😳 he's got abs . Super hawt abs 😁
" Nice " I mumbled . He looked at me and raised his eyebrows .
" What ? " he said.
" Nice abs I mean " SHOOT WHY DID I EVEN SAY THAT . BRANDONS gonna think I'm a weirdo . Who looks at people's abs . BRANDON had a huge blush on his face .
" Thanx 😳" he said . As I just put my hand in my face trying to not show my face as I felt embarrassed .
" Nikki seems shy , haha , don't worry that wasn't a weird thing don't think I think your a weirdo . " He said chuckling . I looked at him like he was some kinda of monster .
My boyfriend can read minds ? .Thats so cool .
" You can read minds " I said . He chuckled .
" No silly , I just guessed ." He said .
" Your red " He said . I blushed super high . I tried covering my fave . BRANDON came closer to me and gave me a huge hug . He smelled like mint .
" Now , I guess you burned " he said looking at me as I was literally on fire.
I smiled and then looked down he smiled and then looked and this went for like FOREVER !
I felt shivers like really bad :) ;) I believe I believe we can do this with our parents permission with Gods permission .
" So anyways Nikki I wanted to tell you . I'm keeping a birthday party ..... At my house . Here's your invitation I'm expecting you there oh and hand these to CHLOE and Zoey to PLS ? " He said . As I blushed .
" You would ACTUALLY INVITE ME TO YOUR PARTY " I said . He looked at me in a weird type of way .
" a Nikki have you forgotten you are my GIRLFRIEND ! You need to be there " he said as I blushed .
" Right Your girlfriend " I said blushing . He gave me A quick peck on my lips that made me blush .
" Be right back .... I really wanna change , and wear a dress " He said as I blushed .
" Duh , silly get dressed . " I said . He went to the washroom . I went to his bed and looked under his bed .
I was surprised to see a diary , I know I wasn't supposed to disturb his privacy but I really need to know
I know this is a really like really short chappi !!!! But I can't write so much Any more besides . Maybe maybe I'm gonna delete this book . I know it has GONNE SOOOO WELL ...... But maybe :( we will have to say our goodbyes ;( I'm sorry but only maybe and PLS pls pls don't feel hurt you guys mean a lot to me . I am stuck with my studies !!!!!' Being a teen isn't a easy job there's ALOT TO STUDY !
Anyways thanks for allll your views comments votes this means the world to me .
Thnx soooooo much ;) I love u all sooo much .
<3 anyways keep smiling ,
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~lilly23454. Signing off .

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