Chapter 1~ hey

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"Fuck you, you know what you could shove that bullshit of an excuse up your ass, okay" I screamed. I probably should introduce myself, I'm Haley I'm Puerto Rican, I'm 17 years old and I live with my best friend, Savannah, I live with her because my dad is in jail and my mom died when I was 10. I have lived with her for 5 years now so she's like my sister and her parents are like my parents. The person I was just screaming at was my ex- boyfriend. He was a douche and would hit me sometimes and today was the last straw. He had cheated and today I found out and he always gives excuses and I'm always stupid enough to get back together with him but not today, this bullshit ends today "you know what Kevin fuck you we're done for good" I said walking out of the apartment "HALEY YOU BITCH COME BACK HERE" he screamed and I flipped him off I made my way outside and into a deli there were a lot of people here u wonder why but I made my way through the fucking crowd "ma'am you can't go in right now" a man said "look I'm having a bad ass day and if you don't move out of my way so I can buy a bag of chips and a bottle of Arizona I will go crazy" I said poking his chest really hard with my index finger "okay but please hurry " he said "okay " I said walking in the store "hey Jim" I said to the store owner we became friends over the years " hey Haley" he said I put a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Arizona " you have to wait I'm waiting for the other four guys that were in line before you "he said pointing at the back "okay" i said with a smile I started to use my phone and texted Savannah

To Savannah: I'll be home in about 40 minutes
From Savannah: alright

I put my phone away and looked up at Jim "I need to get home" I said as I gave him the money not waiting for the people in line before me "okay bye Hey I'll see tomorrow" he said as he gave me my bag "bye" I said as I took my bag and left. As I made my way down the block when someone pushed me into a wall I groaned and he grabbed me by my neck, it was Kevin "let me go" I managed to chocked out "next time you don't leave unless I give you permission" he sneered as he let go of my neck and held me against the wall "NO IM NOT YOUR SLAVE YOU SOM OF BITCH FUCK YOU" I screamed in his face "THATS IT YOU DUMB BITCH" he screamed and grabbed my neck again "l-leave m-me a-alone" I stuttered out "HEY LEAVE HER ALONE" I heard someone call out but Kevin didn't let go, then I saw the person tackle Kevin to the ground also causing me to fall and then everything went dark.

I tackled a guy that was chocking a girl to the ground then my security guards came And took me off of him and then I told them what he was doing and they arrested him. "holy shit" I mumbled when I noticed she passed out "Vic! Mike! Tony!" I screamed for the guys and they came running towards me "what the he dude" Vic asked "this guy was chocking her and I tackled him and now she's you know" i gestured to her body " okay um get Zac" Tony said , Zac was one of our security guards "okay" Vic said getting Zac "can you pick her up and take her to the bus " I told Zac "okay" he said picking her up bridal style "her phone's in the ground, should we send someone a text telling them what happened" I asked picking up her phone off the ground "yeah" Mike said i looked at the most recent messages

From Savannah: where are you it's been 45 minutes now
To Savannah: umm, I'm going to stay with some friends for something
From Savannah: alright just be careful love ya sis
To Savannah: ok bye love ya

"Umm I took care of it, lets go to the bus" I said the guys nodded. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.

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