Chapter Fifty-six

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Chapter Fifty-six

"I'm actually really excited," the blonde smiled widely as he sat at the table alongside his brother, boyfriend, mother and Alex.

"To eat your breakfast?" Alex asked cheekily knowing what the boy was actually on about.

Luke rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at the older man causing everyone to laugh. "No for the zoo. I used to love going there," he beamed recalling all the old memories of going there. He was a little down that Ben could not go but he respected he was busy and older now.

Liz stood behind her son and fiddled with his greasy hair. "I know you did, that's one of the reasons why we're going there," she smiled glad her son was happy for once and beaming his excitement. "It was Jack's idea," she told him looking over at her middle son proudly.

The blonde looked over at his brother in surprise yet he knew why he did it. He gave him small smile and muttered: "Thank you."

"I just want to see you happy Luke," he shrugged. His eyes flickering down to the younger boys wrists. Wondering if he had done any more damage to the already scarred skin.

Alex noticed Jack's actions and stole a glance at Luke's wrists too. They were evidently covered and they had been mostly. But, he could not just assume that Luke had gone back told habits. Therefore, he left it and allowed the boy to have a good day.

Throughout the journey, Luke rested his head on Ashton's shoulder and he occasionally planted small, sweet kissed on his cheek. Consequently, this caused Jack to groan in disgust but could not complain that Luke was content and was at peace.

"Mum," the blonde muttered half way through the journey, suddenly sitting bolt upright.

"Yeah," she called back, quickly taking her eyes off of the road.

"I need to be sick," he told her confidently knowing his two pieces of toast he had for breakfast were not going to stay down.

The woman sighed and continued to drive, her eyes on the road searching for somewhere to pulling in. Ashton rubbed the blondes back gently whilst the boy tried not to gag. The curly haired boy felt almost sick himself knowing that the sickness that Luke was feeling did not phase him. Ashton hated knowing this was all the norm for his boyfriend.

Once Liz found a layby, Ashton quickly climbed out of the car to let Luke out. As soon as he did, he threw up the contents of his stomach all over the polluted grass. Ashton continued to rub his back whilst mutter sweet things to the boy's ear.

"I'm sorry," the blonde mumbled thinking everyone would be disappointed.

"Don't be, you couldn't help it," Liz reassured him, pulling her son into a tight hug. "I should've remembered you got travel sick."

Alex watched the two from the car, his door was open to get some fresh air. He also hated the fact that Luke was not phased by being sick. Yet again, neither was Liz. The whole situation made the grey haired man feel sick. Simply, he detested how disorders could destroy the norms of a perfect family like this.

"Hurry up," Jack huffed as Luke and Ashton trailed behind the trio, hand in hand, both smiling like idiots, as they were about to enter the aquarium.

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