Chapter 16

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Jack Johnson's pov
I can't let Maggie know that Gilinsky has been cheating on her. He does love Maggie and Hayes. He just is a classic player.
" Maggie. It's ok! He will come back." I said encouraging. I know he will, he can't let her go away. He loves her so much.

Maggie's pov.
I'm going to go to the park with Hayes and my best friend, Hailey.
There is this really, pretty girl sitting on this cute boys lap saying that she wants him to dump his fiancé. I feel bad for his fiancé. He says no. He loves her and he says he shouldn't be doing this. He turns around and gives direct eye contact to me. It was Jack.
" J-Jack.." Was all I could mutter out. He know that I was about to burst into tears. Being a mom has made me a lot more emotional. The girls looks at me with discust. " JACK. How do you know this ugly girl?" She said while I was standing right there.
" Maggie wait!! I'm sorry! Please come back. It's not what it looks like. Jenna we are done." Jack said to us. I walked away and left Hailey all alone with Baby Hayes.

Jacks pov
It really wasn't what it looks like. I loved Maggie and Hayes. This girl, has been blackmailing me into kissing her or she would spoil to the world me and Maggie's engagement. But there is no reason to explain this to Maggie. She officially thinks I'm a cheating jerk.

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