Happy valentine's day!

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It was 10 in the morning when John Watson's phone started ringing. The blogger picked up. "Hello, John Watson speaking." The person on the other side of the phone call said something. "Yeah sure. See you in an hour, bye." The curly haired detective, who layed beside him, woke up with a groan. "Who was that?" he asked. "Work. Sarah's sick and I need to take over her shift." The doctor answered while he climbed out of bed. He began putting on some clothes. "See you tonight, love." He said before kissing his genius goodbye. "See you tonight." Sherlock confirmed. John left the room. Sherlock lay in bed thinking for about an hour when Lestrade sent a text with some information on a new case. The detective got out of the warm and comfy bed, dressed quickly and went outside hailing a cab. He arrived at the crime scene in ten minutes. He was greeted by Lestrade. "Sherlock, thank you for coming so quickly. Isn't John with you?" "Hello Gavin, no, John had to work." The detective inspector rolled his eyes and led him to the body, which lay sprawled on the ground in the alley. The genius examined the corpse of the thirty year old woman. Strangled to death with her scarf. The clothes she was wearing suggests a date to a fancy restaurant. Tan line on her ring finger, so cheating or recently divorced. Her eyes were closed. "Was the victim married?" Sherlock asked the DI, who stood behind him. "Yes, to Mark Johnson. He is now being informed about her death." The consulting detective nodded. "It was her lover." He turned around. "Her eyes are closed, so someone who cared about her. She went on a date with someone, lack of a ring suggests that it wasn't her husband. If her partner had found out about her cheating he would have killed her at home. So that leaves the lover. Give me a call, when you've caught him." The sleuth walked away leaving a flabbergasted Lestrade behind. It had taken him approximately 15 minutes to solve this case. The weather was quite nice for February so he decided to walk home. Holmes walked past a few shops all with valentine themed products in the windows. What was it with this holiday? Once a year people show their affection for another human being by buying gifts and taking them to dinner in some overly expensive restaurant. He arrived home to bump into Mrs. Hudson. "Oh dear there you are. Someone delivered a package for you, it's on your kitchen table." The landlady left through the front door and Sherlock went upstairs. On the table stood a pink box. John had probably gotten him a valentine's day gift despite agreeing not to. He opens the box and finds a rather fresh human heart and a card. 'You hold in your hands the heart of John Watson. Happy valentine's day! xx JM '

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