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"Get away !" my family growled . I was crying hard . Nessie caught me , when I fell into darkness.
Nessie's POV
I caught El she was scared , jake and Seth were beside me . She was turning a weird purple color like she couldn't breath . I turned and saw uncle Jaz had his arms wrapped around Alec's toros . "Stop !" I screamed . Everyone's heads snapped back to look at me . Grandpa came rushing to me . He pick El up . "We have to turn her now !" he said to Rose . Rose stared screaming ." No not my baby girl , What's happened to her ?" I looked up at Grandpa . I could here ,
Els heart beats slowly die out . Grandpa bit her . I tapped his face and asked why . "She had a heart attack . " Daddy and uncle Em brought her to her room . She looked almost at peace but something was off her body was becoming human looking . Daddy looked shocked ." she's turning human her body is reversing its self ." Dad muttered inn disbelief . I was shocked maybe me and jake had a chance after all . Aunt rose was lying besides her hugging her to her chest . "My sweet baby girl , I'm sorry I couldn't protect you ." Jake was talking in hushed tones with daddy and mama . "She could die ,"I started crying when I heard him say that . I ran to the kitchen . I hearse a sob that was so loud it scared me . Alec was on his knees , his hands covered his face . Emmett was outside hitting trees with his fist . I pushed him ." GO YOU DID THIS WHY'D YOU HAVE TO HURT HER JUST GO !"I yelled . He got up and ran I was shaking so bad I couldn't move .

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