True Colours

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Nathaniel's POV

For some reason I got up earlier then I need to, it may be due to nerves as I'm spending the day with Ellie and Quin the first half of the day with Quin and the other half with Ellie. I sighed as I knew today would be tiring... I enjoyed my day with Mei a lot, I smiled at the memory and my heart fluttered a little...wait what?? I growled in frustration I don't want any feelings towards her! I can't! But then again I have to like one of them.

After a few minutes I got up and did my morning business and headed to the garden to clear my thoughts, I laid down on the grass and rolled my eyes as I heard a screeching noise.

"Nathaniel!! There you are!" I gasped as she plopped on top of me giggling I gave her a fake sweet smile as she rolled off me invading my personal space.

"Hehe you have a pretty smile. I'm sorry if my sister bored you yesterday she isn't very interesting." She sniggered and for the first time in my life I wanted to slap a woman. I turned to her

"No in fact she was fun I liked talking to her." She scrunched her nose up in confusion

"Okay if you say so anyway come on I wanna show you my archery skills." She got up and twirled her hair in her fingertips as she walked ahead swaying her hips, I almost threw up in disgust...I blushed as I thought of Mei with her curvaceous body. I shook my head and followed her.

I was amazed at her skills she always hit the center never missing, I turned my head as I heard a playful squeal knowing it was Mei as she splashed the kids making them squeal.

"Nathaniel!! Are you watching me!?" She screamed in my direction as I turned around and smiled, she flipped her hair and fluttered her long lashes.

By lunch time I was exhausted! Quin dragged me everywhere! I was force fed chocolate covered strawberries, I was jumped on everything!! This girl is too much! I huffed as I plopped down on the chair at the dining table as the rest of the family flooded in. I was happy about lunch as it was salmon with baby potato's.

"So Nathaniel dis you enjoy your time with Quin." Her mother asked me.

"Yes I did it was very...eventful." I smiled as Quin looked over to me smiling sweetly blushing, I saw from the corner of my eye that Mei was staring at me, I smiled and turned to her as she blushed looking down at her food.

After lunch I took a nap to regain my energy for Ellie. I stretched out like a cat as I got out of bed meeting Ellie outside, she looked at me in a strange way for a few minutes before she spoke.

"I know how you must think of sisters Jodie and Quin especially but they may not say it I think they are jealous of Mei....I know its wrong for me to laugh when they are cruel to her but I'm just a coward." She spoke softly and I was shocked that that's what was happening but I smiled at her honesty.

"I thought you were the same but I guess your different....I think you should fix things with Mei." he smiled weakly nodding.

I had a good time with Ellie, we talked and she taught me some of her customs and I taught her some of mine. But through out the whole time I was thinking about Mei.

Sorry for the late update I was just so busy!!! But here it is!

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