Chapter 6

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You had already identify them and it was you mum and one of them but you went forward against then to see if they survived, they didn't. To bad but they didn't.

You went to to the place were your bedroom used to be, you found your bed that is like the only think that was completly fine and you sat down and cried more. And then you fell asleep.

When you woke up you went emidiently to school.
When you came there you saw that girl that you wasen't allowed to talk to, but you did go to her and started a conversation that was like this:
- Hi any news from you know what
- you shouldn't talk to me you know but yes I have so follow me and I will tell you, she answered me.

She went to the bathroom for girls and you followed her and she told you this:
"When I was five my family were living in the same house as you, we did not certainly saw any strange or weird thing untill the first May when we saw other people in our house, my family escaped from the house all of them exept me, they left me there so They wouldn't follow them and the last thing they said to me was nothing they just... They were just gone when I woke up and then They said to me that they would let me go if I didn't warn you and if i did they would kill me.And now you know everything and let's go to the classroom"

You didn't had any choice so you followed her to the classroom and nothing more exiting happend that day.

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