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Next day~

"ATTENTION!!'I rang aloud waking everyone up."whats going on?"Mikhail woke straight up with a suprised look on his face."its time for your training in order to survive so get up!"Everyone groaned at my announcement except for repede of course.I tapped my foot waiting for them to do their exercise.By the time everyone was ready I put a band with weights on into niko hands who automatically collided into the floor.There were giggling here and there."niko i want you to climb the pole with those weights on figure a way out so if an enemy uses an powerful attack you can still move"I explained.She nodded but still showed her nervousness.

Niko walked up to the pole and jumped on it.She fell off automatically.I sighed giving the weights to misao, then bubbly, and lastly briar.They all failed sadly."we have a long way to go"I said sighing.

I picked up a few near by weapons and threw it at them.They all caught it in different ways, either foolishly or perfectly."lets get down to business "I said throwing my sword around expecting them to try after I did. Sadly they all failed. Mikhail and Repede were on the side snickering like a duo of idiots.

I sweatdropped as niko hit bubbly, and briar crashed into misao."well lets try something other than fighting...Mikhail!"I looked over towards him.He nodded and began blowing fire at the four girls.They screamed running away as mikhail chased."make it stop!!!"Briar yelled terrified feeling the heat on her back.Misao was flailing her arms while anime crying "Crimson how could you?!?!?!" she whined."not my fault your speed and stamina is low."Crimson sighed in response.

Mikhail giggled as he blew his fire harder "hahahah!!!faster faster faster!!"he said eyes turning red."repede whats wrong with mikhail?"I looked down at the talking wolf. "well lets just say when a lower class dragon like mikhail is blowing fire while chasing people who are scared its possible he'll become sadistic and try to kill them"he explained."oh o- wait what?!"I yelled running towards mikhail.

"Hey dummy stop blowing fire!!"I yelled.Mikhail looked in my direction ready to blow fire at me.He approached with loud foot steps and roared in my face.In the process I punched him hard in the nose."owww oww oww!"His eyes went back to normal as he rubbed his nose."why are you so mean crimson?"he pouted."Im mean you almost killed them!!!"I slapped his head making him whine again.Misao smiled awkwardly and began petting mikhail with a sweatdrop.

Again....We have a long way to go...

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