Day 1 Without Jason

They said it would be best if I wrote down all my feelings so here goes the living hell of a day. The plan ride was okay even know I couldn't text Jason or skype him. I never did understand this. Yes i know my aunt has explain it to me but it still confusing. I am going to miss jason even more and us not being together is killing me. I miss his smile, his bad boy side, his lips, his laugh, his comfort and I miss him and its legit killing me. I seriously thinking about killing myself or starving my self. It going to be depress not being around him. Is it worth living.........

As soon as I came to this house thats supposed to be my home I didn't even unpack I went to bed,

3 hours later.

I flutter my eyes open. I leaned up and wiped my eyes. I look around then realize that this wasn't a night mare it flipping real life. I grab my cell phone and look at all my notification.

17 missed call from <3 bae <3

50 message from <3 bae <3

25 voice mail from  <3 bae <3

Called bae but no Answer. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom I washed my face and brushed my teeth I also through my hair in a bun and put on jason sweatshirt I pack. It like a dress on me then I went down stairs.

" Look who is awake" Skye said.

I smiled and walk over there with them and set there with them.

" It about time because we have alot to do" Bella said.

So tommorrow we plan on going shopping and the movies. Erika said.

" I have no money" I said.

" Jason put some in your bag because he knew you wouldn't take it" Skye said.

" awww really" I said trying not to cry.

" yass and he been blowing up our phones to talk to you but we told him that you where sleep."

"Aweeeeee I am going to cry" I said and began crying

" don't cry brit." Bella said.

They all came near me and comfort me.

Later that night we ate pizza and laughed We actually had a great night. We just had a girls night.

" Well I am going to bed!" Erika said and walk upstairs.

" Ight I am to" Skye said.

" Good night Brittany" Bella said.

" Night" I said and walk in my bed room.

( All that matters to me)

Me- The call I been waiting on all night.

Jason- Sorry baby I been out working with the pack

Me- Its okay. Its glad to hear your voice again

Jason- I miss your voice so much and I miss you so much

Me- I would of answer you the first couple times but I was asleep.

Jason- I know baby

Me- Hows your day

Jason- I am tired as fuck

Me- Awe baby I wish I was beside you to cuddle in your arms

Jason- Me too how was your day

Me- It was great actual I stop crying after awhile and hung out with the girls.

Jason- That great. I don't want you to cry. I just want you to smile baby. You smile I smile.

Me- I will try baby. Thanks for the money

Jason- Your welcome and in your front pocket My cards in there and in your back pocket there is 50 grand.

Me- Jason that is to much how did i get it on the plane.

Jason- Thats my secert baby

Me- Why didn't you tell me.

Jason- because if i did you would of be nervous and you would of got caught.

Me- true I love you baby

Jason- I love u more


Jason- Goodnight baby becareful and safe

Me- You to baby night


Love sarah

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