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Song For This Chapter: "HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE" by Calvin Harris & Disciples


Today I woke up in Luca's bed! I know how that sounds, crazy right! We spent the night together, watched my favourite movie ever, and cuddled to sleep.

God, I love how his body feels, I don't think I have slept that good in a while, I would be crazy to think it was the bed and not him. Although the bed was now void of his presence, seeing as I was the only one in the room currently.

It didn't take long for me to find him, as the smell of fresh pancakes and warm honey invaded my nose. I crawled my way out of his bed and went to my room to freshen up. I'm so glad that some parts of the penthouse were always lightly dimmed, it helped the early morning situation.

I got into my room and found a new hair tie for my hair because I lost the other one somewhere in Luca's massive bed.

After putting my hair in a bun, I walked into the gorgeous washroom ensemble my room came with. The washroom was huge and elegant, decorated with beautiful, I'm very sure expensive stones. Although it was brightly lit, It was still a sight for sore eyes, it made my 'design senses' tingle, it's clear that Luca has some serious design talents.

I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face

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I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. After I was done, I dried my face and made my way downstairs as I followed the lingering smell of joy.

The moment I stepped into the kitchen I was speechless, I thought the bathroom was a sight for sore eyes, but this! The sight I had before my eyes was just magnificent. It was Luca facing his shirtless back to me and making breakfast, if that is not sexy, then tell me what is!

After I gained my confidence, I silently tiptoed to him and gave him a hug from the back.

"Good morning handsome," I whispered as I kissed his toned back.

I felt his muscles tense up, then he instantly spun himself to face me, he had the brightest smile ever plastered on his face. He looked like a god, just standing there right before my eyes.

"Good morning Bellissima (beautiful), how was your night baby?" He bent down and gave me a soft kiss

"It was amazing, slept like a baby," I blushed.

"Like my baby," he smirked at me which made my whole face flustered.

"Breakfast?" He asked.

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