Human Angel-Wings

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They keep me in a cage beneath

Soft window panes frozen with time

And ignorance unknown

No light, but cover only imaginary

So when I hide I’m seen -

Physically splayed


My wings glow silver in the darkness

Fluttering by muscle, not mind

Wavering slightly disturbed

From sleepy death


They think I’m an angel because

My wings protruding from

Human shoulder blades glint

And glitter for show


Although I’m caged and subjugated

With solid walls, floor, ceiling

Not even a star, a night’s sky

Overhead could enchant

Silent wings to carry me

Upwards -

To where I belong


Wings do not define me

And neither does soft skin

Cool eyes looking but not seeing

In darkness that covers essence


If I could climb with numbed fingers

To the hole in the darkness

I would -

Trip and get no farther

Than two legs walking stiffly

Chin erected and high

As they do


I wouldn’t escape even

With gates wide open challenge

Because I fold upon myself

Corpse and body creased

If only nonexistent

Would set me free

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