We were here after 7 hours of travaling we were at the hotel. We threw our bags on the floor and ran to the taxi station. We had 3 hours till the concert so we went shopping.we were in America so the first thing we both said was hottopic. We entered the shop and saw the sleeping with sirens and black veil brides section and ran. We went in with £1000 and came out with £900. After going to about 30 other shops we had £200 left and that was for the concert and tomorrow.

I looked on my phone it had only been 2 hours so we had enough time to go back get dressed and get to the venue. Rayven didnt like Kellin that much she liked Jack and Justin instead. When we got back i put on my sleeping with sirens top on, skinny jeans and my wrist coverd with braclets. Rayven came down in exactly the same as me. We got n a taxi and we were of.

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