Chapter Four: Shows, Drama, Love...

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Morgue's POV

Desi ran out on stage after her drummer and started off with singing a cover of "Kick Me" by Sleeping With Sirens. She seemed so happy to be out on that stage. Guess it truly is her actual calling.

"Your girlfriend is so fucking hot." I heard Ash say from behind me.

"Yeah. I know. I've known her for a long time." I told hom.

"When you leave her, it'll be my turn to hit it." Ash was really starting to piss me off.

"Andy! Come remove Ash from my sight before I beat the hell out of him." I warned Andy. Andy walked up to us. That guy was younger than me but was still standing at a shocking 6 feet and 4 inches.

"Ash. You know how I feel about you hitting on my baby sister. Move on! You're Ashley Purdy. Go date one of my ex's or something. Anyone but my sister. And as for you Morgue. I don't like you. You're dating my sister. I've watched over her for years so I'm like her dad. Hurt her, I kill you." Andy threatened. I took note of that because I've known Andy for as long as I've known Desi. Desi would always have Andy drive her to my place so I always saw him.
Manson walked up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You're just like me. So don't worry. She won't leave you. Wine?" He asked drunkly. However, I agreed and took the bottle. When Desi came back stage after her show, I was chilling on the couch with Manson and talking about music. And I was drunk.

"Babe! Come here! I wanna love you!" I shouted to her.

"You're drunk." She stated the obvious. But she walked over to me and sat on my lap.

"Jesus. You smell like wine." She complained.

"Girlfriends always complain." I told Manson drunnkly. He agreed and told me stories about his past girlfriends. Then my lap felt cold. Desi wasn't on it anymore. And my cheek was stinging. Manson seemed absoluetly shocked. I turned around and saw Desi talking to Ash and then Ash taking her into his arms. Then a tall figure was standing above me. That's all I could remember because then I blacked out.

"I'm sorry, love." I heard someone say. It soundeed like Ash. I opened my eyes and he had his arm around Desi. I tried to sit up but my head was killing me.

"Where's Andy?" I questioned, noticing he was no where to be found.

"He had to get out before he did anymore damage to you." Ash explained. What happened though? Why is my girlfriend, my love, my childhood love, in Ash's arms?

"Ash. Why are you holding my girlfriend?" I asked him.

"You fucked up badly." Manson explained.

"Wait. What?" I asked going wided eyed.

"I can't believe what you said." Desi told me. She turned around and walked out with Ash following.

"Wanna go to the bar and meet someone else?" CC asked. Manson thought it was a good idea too.

"I just want Desi. She was my love. My only love. I never forgot about her. I don't want her to dissappear from me again." I told him.

"You gotta get her back then. Jinxx, Andy, Jake, and I don't like the idea of Ash being with her." CC explained.

"How do I get her back?" I asked him, desperately.

"Roses, chocolates, nice dinner." He suggested.

"We'll help you . Don't worry." Jinxx told me.

"How long will it take?" I asked them.

"Well, according to this text, Ash thinks he's going to hit it tonight." Jake said.

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