Chapter 12

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Lee walked over and sat himself down next to Chloe "Lee who is that? When is she leaving we've got *cough* something to be doing" the girl with Lee said. "Oh Casey do yourself a favour and leave it'll save u a lot of embarrassment trust me, deep down we both know I was never gonna call you again after tonight" Lee said and the girl ran off close to tears.

"that was a bit harsh Lee" Chloe said, hoping to get Lee talking about Casey rather then the fact she was here in her sleeping bag. "Ahh well" Lee said with a bit of a laugh then he laid down beside her and wrapped his arm around her without saying a word. "Thank you Lee" Chloe whispered as they laid there quietly for a moment.

Jimmy had caught up with Lou and asked her to stay, "I've told you I don't want to be second best anymore" she cried. "Lou it's not like that and you know it, the band is important to me you always knew that from the start and I thought you understood" he said to her obviously torn between his two greatest loves. "Just come to the show tomorrow night then I have a day off we can spend it together, after that if you still want to leave I promise I won't stop you" he asked, Lou agreed, she didn't want to leave him but felt she had no choice if things stayed as they were.

The next day arrived and Lee had fallen asleep beside Chloe, he woke up with a jump and rushed to get ready. Chloe stirred beside him then also woke up with a bit of a shock "Lee listen, about last night and this..." She started to say not really sure how to tell him but he stopped her, placing his finger on her lips "ssshh we don't have to say anything about it I won't tell anyone and if you ever want to talk you know where I am" he said before grabbing his things and running off to join the others. She couldn't believ he was being so nice and understanding.

The bands were all meeting for sound check before the concert tonight, Belle walked by and saw Lou so decided to stop for a chat. They were both watching the guys perform when Adam looked their way and winked at Belle who blushed slightly. "Oooh something I should know about" Lou laughed wanting the gossip about last night. "Nothing really to tell you, he's just such a nice sweet guy isn't he" Belle said obviously taken with him "and he's a pretty good kisser" she whispered to Lou before laughing and walking away to get some work done. Lou couldn't believe she could say something like that and then leave.

It was time for the show, Kathleen and Kayley took their seats right at the front "wow these are amazing seats" Kayley couldn't believe how close they were. Kayley danced and sang her heart out to damage before a1 came out and Kathleen screamed. Mark kept looking their direction and smiling which made Kathleen giggle like a school girl again, "pass the sick bucket" Kayley joked before adding "that ones even more gorgeous in person then on the tv how is that even possible" Kathleen just laughed at her "calm down dear you will have to meet him soon remember Mark said he will introduce you"

911 came on stage and after body shaking the lights went up and Jimmy started talking about a special lady in his life and how important she was to him. He said he needed the audiences help with something, "so when the words come up on this screen will you help me by shouting them out with me" he asked pointing to the big screen behind him, the crowd cheered and he looked over to the side of the stage where Lou was "this is for you" suddenly the words came up on screen and everyone gasped but still shouted out "will you marry me" before the whole place erupted with cheers. Lee and Spike walked over to Lou and brought her on stage while Jimmy got onto one knee and pulled out a ring. Lou jumped into his arms and kissed him in front of everyone "I think that's a yes guys, thankyou for the help" Jimmy laughed to the crowd. They then sang more then a woman while Lou went back to her place beside the stage and watched with tears in her eyes.

After the show most of the bands headed out to the after party, Mark met up with Kathleen and Kayley and took them upto the vip section too. "Guys this is Kayley, Kathleen's sister - Kayley this is Christian and Ben" Mark said as the guys shook her hand, Ben kissed her hand too "oh such a charmer" she giggled. They all chatted a bit then Ben wandered off to the bar and Kayley watched as he chatted to a group of girls and ended up dancing very closely with one of them. "So what do you think of Ben up close" Kathleen asked snapping her out of her trance. "Oh he's ok I suppose, I mean he is gorgeous but he knows it, you know what I mean?" Kayley replied. "I'm going to get a drink who wants one" she asked before heading to the bar.

Ben saw Kayley at the bar and decided to talk to her, he seemed quite nervous as he chatted. "Come here often" "what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this" he laughed offering up some of the worst chat up lines he could think of. "Bet you say that to all the girls - is that what impressed the blonde over there?" Kayley said a little snappier then she meant to. "She just wanted to dance, harmless really it was the only way I could get rid of her" he half laughed. "Hmm sure" Kayley said before walking back to the group leaving Ben looking shocked. What had he done wrong? He didn't know but he was intrigued by Kayley that's for sure, yeah he was a bit of a charmer and usually didn't get many complaints but he wasn't interested in them, this girl however had him puzzled.

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