chapter one : college life

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My life totally sucks I mean whats the point of stupid valtines day anyway I toally dislike valtines day there is no point of this day I mean I dont wanna sound jealous or upset because I dont have anyone to share this dumb day with but I wish I did with this guy right here ... his name is zack and I been in love with this guy since the 4 grade he is a total hot burger I mean who wouldnt fall for this guy hes a freaking hottie .. oh yeah sorry guys I didnt even introduce myself hi im hazel and this is my lame unbelievable story of how I met my love which I cant tell you guys  untill u find out yourselves who I fall for so where was I ..oh yeah it all started on monday feb 13 the day before this lame day was created lets get back to the situation shall we ) (feb 13 2012) (I was in my math class bored as anything waiting for this horrible day to end because who wants to be in a math class for this long I know I dont I dont even like getting up in the morning) (I herd someone call my name so I turned around to see who it was and luckily it was my so called friend Jackie because who ever esle that tap me I wouldnt answer ) whats up jackie why u called my name I said while giving her a look ) I was gonna ask you if you were going to the valentines day dance tommorw everyones going and I mean every one .. she said while smiling ) jackie you know I toally ....... CLASS WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT PLEASLE WELCOME HIM NICELY MR BROWN SAID While smiling) (the hole class looked at this new guy he was slightly cute to me he had dark red hair with light blue eyes ) (jackie turned to me )omfg he is toally hot what do you think his name is Jackie said ) who knows , who cares because I dont ...finish your work I said )(jackie went back to her work and so did I ) B....R....I...N...N....N...G!!!!!!( I picked up my books and paper's and threw them in my bag and left the class room and for some reason I felt like someone was following me but when I looked back nobody was there so I walked to starbucks which is actually on campus  gotta love coffee ) (i enter starbucks hoping to get my favorite coffee drink and guess who I saw there the new guy with the dark red hair I think he was ordering a hot chocolate because let me tell you its freezing outside ) (I opened my bag hopeing to find my 20bucks I threw in there this morning please be there pleasle .. ..... )you looking for this ? Said) (I looked up to see the dark red hair guy with my 20dollar ) what the f&@$k how did u get my 20$ I said while frowing) you actually dropped it your lucky that im the one that found it now do you want it or not he said (I gave this guy a look) well dua its my money now hand it over (? Gave me a look and gave me my money) soo theft  do you usually take people's money and than excuse them of dropping it I said .... (? Gave me a look ) look girl I gave you  your money you have no right to call me a theft alright he said...). what is your name  anyway I said  ?  (? Gave me a look ) my name is amor but u can call me cupid (I burst out laughing ) cupid.. you mean the baby in the diaper ... (amor gave me a look) yes the baby in the diaper  he said !!! Yeah ok are you high on something I said ...what do u mean by high cupid said  ?  Am I suppose to believe that your actually cupid  the son of Venus I said .. because I am cupid and I am Venus son he  said ...  (I looked at him) prove it ...prove me wrong that your actually cupid the greek god of love )I would show you and prove you wrong which I would love to do but im only aloud. To use my powers on valentines day which is actually tommorw he said  ....ughhhh I toally dislike valentines day and dont say why I said while paying for my coffee and walking up to the library ) if I may ask why do you dislike my day that I bring people togther to love cupid said ..(I looked at cupid) because nobody cares about me thats one of the reasons why I toally dislike valentines day I said while walking in the book area)and what's the second cupid said ? Why do u want to know about my lame love life I said while giving him a serious look ) look I was just asking girl ..... fine the second is I been in love with this guy named zack since we were 12years old and he hardly noticed me are you happy .(cupid smiled) how would you like me to help you get this zack guy (I closed the book I was reading and looked at cupid) what do you mean by help I said ....well I can help you with this zack guy but only on valentines day which is tommorw  he said ) why do you wanna help me I said ..  hey im cupid I help anybody and u seem nice so I wanna help you get this guy ( I looked at cupid) whats the catch red head ? No catch can I just help a pretty girl get  this guy she really want to have ... fine I said but what are you going to do to him I said (cupid looked at me ) youll see tommorw hazel he said while walking out the library )  ok how the heck did he know my name ... that guy is freaking creepy I mean I didnt even tell him my name how did he know my name ... ok I must be hearing things I think its time for me to go to bed ) (I walked 5 blocks to my.doorm with my coffee and knocked on the room door and my roommate jackie.answered) hey girl what took you so.long I asked u to.get me a mocca coffee what you forgot she said ? Oh snap I toally forgot your order jackie im so sorry I got caught up with that new guy in our math class in Starbucks.... (jackie tured her head) heyyyy no fair how you get to meet him first she said while giggling .....(I gave her a look) jackie I dont want him you can have him I just was having a conversation with him girl .. (jackie turned to me) oh I was just kidden girl I dont want him I have a boyfriend back in Florida so wont you take a swing at this new red head she said ) (I burst out laughing ) sorry but weirdos arent my type I said while giggling .....  (jackie burst out laughing ) what makes him weird Jackie said .... I dont know he just seem strange u know I said ..... (jackie looked at me ) whats  his name she said .... his name is Amor I said .. wait insist that ... I know girl I said the same thing  ... wait so amor means cupid  jackie said ? Yup I said .... wait so hes suppost to be cupid ? That's what he told me but I dont believe him (jackie looked at me and laughed) hes cute girl why dont  u try to get with that and plus he thinks hes cupid she said while smiling ... like I said I dont date weirdos I said while laying on my bed ) so you didnt answer my question hazel (I turned to jackie) what question I said ? (Jackie rolled her eyes ) the valentines dance girl she said ...(I looked at jackie) how many times I have to tell you.I do day at all im against it I should really start a protest I said while giggling ) yea you do that and see how many negative  comments you'll get back she said while giggling... (I grabed my pillow and put my head on it ) oh yeah im going to Florida because  where off from college after valentines day so im not gonna be here jackie said (I turned to jackie ) wait so your leaving me here all alone I said .... hey your not alone you have amor or should I say cupid she said while giggleing ... not funny jackie ... come on youll be fine girl .... (I rolled my eyes at jackie ) what ever ..... I said while sitting on my bed ) but I gotta go  so text me ok jackie said while grabbing her suitcase ....  seeyah on the 20th I said  .. see yah on the 20th jackie said while giving me a hug and leaving ... I swear that girl stays traveling ) (the next day wasnt that bad untill I kept seeing couples kissing every where I went  on campus I mean is the universe trying to punish me , but luckily school was closed so all I did was read and vist the food court on campus and sadly amor was there out of all people I had to see him today ) (I walked over to the vending machine so he wouldnt see me but that didnt help at all  next time ill pick a better de-skys ) happy valentines day hazel cupid said ..   (I looked at him) whats so great about this day I said ... (cupid looked at me hey this is my day where I get to experience people  share the love  with everyone he said while stareing at me )(I looked at cupid) why are u looking at me like some creep I said while giving him a serious look ) im just waiting for you to tell me when we can start so i can work my magic cupid said while making heart dust come out his hand while smiling ) is this guy  really serious I must be dreaming this insist actually happening right now maybe im in my room on my bed sleeping  and im sleep walking right now yeah thats it I said hazel are u ok amor said ? (I looked at cupid) oh yeah im fine I was just thinking of something thats all  :) 

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