Chapter 4: Noises

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Elrah tromped through the thick undergrowth. Wind blew lightly through the trees. The girl stopped for a moment and listened to everything around her. She heard the normal birdsong, leaves rustling, and something else. She halted completely. Something else was there. It didn't sound like an animal. Elrah began walking again, this time with a faster pace. When she reached her destination, a large clearing with an icy stream, she stopped again. Elrah looked around. There it was again. The same sound of something moving closer. It sounded human. Now it was coming from all around. Before Elrah had time to get away, five people seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"Get her!" One shouted. "Hold her feet!" Another clamoured. Elrah screamed. "Alzrik!" She cried, kicking and squirming. It was too late, they had her. There was no use in trying to escape. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She caught blurry glimpses of her attackers. They wore the dark red color of the kingdom she had fought not long ago. "Can't run now." One cooed. "Look at her." A female voice spat. The others chimed in, except one. The person holding her. He was the biggest, and seemed to be the leader of them. "Set me down." She hissed. Elrah hit his chest and wiggled furiously. The group just laughed at her as if she was just some pet. Elrah groaned and gave up. She let herself get carried away to some far away prison.

Elrah awoke with a pounding headache. The girl sat in a stone cell. She pushed herself up to a sitting position and looked around. There was one barred window on the wall diagonal to the door. The bench she sat on had one gross old pillow. Nothing to relieve herself in though. Elrah sucked in air though her teeth. She got to her feet and walked to the gate. Reaching out, she brushed the bars with a shaky hand. "Hello!" The girl called. She banged on the bars. "I'm going to escape!" After a while, a boy around her age a appeared. He was tall and muscular with olive skin. The boy had brown hair and deep, brown eyes. His lips were pulled into a scowl and his arms were crossed at the chest. When he reached Elrah's cell, he looked her up and down. "What?" He asked in a bitter tone. "I'm hungry." Elrah stated. She decided that she would be as rotten as she could, in hopes of annoying the guards. "What do you want me to do about that?" The boy retorted, gritting his teeth. "Oh I don't know, feed me." She spat. Elrah narrowed her eyes, and shifted her weight. This would be fun.

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