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Shehryaar's pov

Aisa kia krdia main ne jo usne khud ko takleef di ? Kia kiya ? Main ne jo kiya wo bs us k liye hi kiya ! Kyun usne khud ko saza di aisi kia bahat hai ? Ab kbhi is k samne nahi jaun ga ! Kuch bhi hojaye !

My thought broke when i heard mom calling my name then i remember that my summer breaks are over now today is my first day at uni ! I didn't sleep the whole night coz i was worried for her ! Idk why ?

Bs do dafa mile hain wo bhi na milne k barabar phr bhi kyun takleef ho rahi hai mjhe ? Kia hai aisa ? Kia wajha hai ? Ufffff ! Ye chor uni jaun ga sb theek hojaye ga !

I rushed to the bathroom ! Took a quick shower ! And wore a black button up shirt and black jeans ! Gelled up my hair ! And headed down to see mom ! I saw her she was smiling like sunshine ! I kissed her cheek and said bye to her ! Then i opened the door ! I saw a letter and white roses bouqet i was shocked ! Then i feel some one is looking at me but ignored ! And took the letter and bouqet ! The letter had my name ! I opened the letter and read it :

Dear shehryaar !

I'm sorry i yelled on you tomorrow . i'm so sorry ! Ruksana told me that you helped her ! And thank you for that ! I'm soo sorry i shouldn't have behave to you like that! I did cut my hand because of you ! But you are not the reason ! Reason is my own stupidity ! Sorry again ! I hope that you will forget the past and start a new beginning with me ! Lets be friends ? I will be waiting for your answer !

Amzy XX

I upper my gaze and she jumped in front of the house behind the bushes and smiled brightly! I slightly smiled and remember !

Main nai kr sakta isko phr se takleef dun ga ! Dour rehna hoga !

I threw the flowers away ! And start walking ! She was standing there with hurt expression ! Then she start walking behind me! Why is she walking behind me ? Why is coming back with me ? I turned around to ask her !

"Why are you following me ? "

"Coz i want you to forgive me ! And if you don't forgive me then i'll be following you every where ! EVERY WHERE ! " then she smirked a lil ! I was standing there with my jaw dropped by her words ! I was to much shocked by her words ! Yeah i'm kind shy person !

I started to run away from her ! Not even looking back at her but i heard her evil laugh ! For sec i thought that she was a witch aur something like that !

After the uni !

I was going out from the uni bulding and saw her again ! This time she was carrying a cake and ballon ! And smiling ! She walked towards me ! I tried to run ! Before she grabbed my wrist and said ! "Please just one ride with me ! " i was too shocked ! Idk what came in me and i noded !

I sat at the passenger seat ! She sat on the driving seat ! She fixed her mirrors and smiled again she wears her glasses ! And smiled towards me ! Whole ride a evil smirk is playing on her face ! I didn't looked where were we going !

She coughed i look away from her and our car was standing in no where ! Before i could say something she opened the door and stepped out ! I opened my door and look at her she was looking away somewhere ! Then she started to say :

"I'm sorry ! Mjhe mauf krdo ! Main bht ghalat thi ! Tmne help ki aur tmpe hi chila k bahar nikal diya ! Pleasee maan jao ! Main ne socha tha k tm letter se maan jao ge magr manee nahi ! I'm sorry ! Is liye mjhe ye sb krna para ! " her eyes started to pool up i didn't utter a single word ! Coz i have to be away from her !

"Tm mauf nai kr chahte its okay ! Main wapis tmhen drop kr deti hun ! She went back to her car and sat at driving seat ! She was expression less on the whole ride and i'm having a fight between my heart and brain!

Brain : stay away from her ! Tm phr use takleef do ge !

Heart : tm use psnd krte ho ! Kaise doge takleef jitni deni thi ! De chuke ho jitni deni thi ! Bs dedi! Ab mauf krdo uski taraf dekho ! Wo heart broken hai ! Only you can mend her heart ! Go ahead ! Forgive her !

I upper my gaze to look at her ! She was too quite like when we first met ! Okay be confidient and forgive her ! I turned to her ! And she turned towards me ! I smiled to her ! Then i said " wo emm amsal .. Amzy ? "

"Amzy ? Oye hoye ? ," she said and chuckle a lil !

"Yeah wo emmm ! " i said but she cut me off and said "ghar agaya ! "

"Tm kuch keh rahe the shehryaar ? " she said while parking her car in her garage ! I smiled and said ! "Shehry kaho ! " her eyes lighten up and sparkled !

"Emm kyun ? " she was smirking now ! I can't hold it ! I have to say it ! "M sorry ! Mjhe tmhen tmhare bf ka nahi bolna chahiye tha ! " her eyes got sadden when i said her ! But she smiled and looked towards me !

Hayeee ye muskarahat ! Main marjaun ispe ! :)

"Emm so friends ? " i pulled my hand out so she shake it with me ! She hold my hand and shake lightly ! But from inside i was having fireworks !

Kash ye waqt yahin hum dono k beech ruk jaye !

"Friends !"  She said and smiled ! "Emm kal starbucks ? " she asked me i said okay but after my uni ! Then i said bye to her ! Then start walking towards my house then i heard she called my nick not my name !

"Shehry ? " i turned around to see her !

"Yes ? " i said while smiling ! Her eyes sparkled when i smiled ! Then she chuckled a lil !

" emmm if you don't mind can i have your phone num ? " she said shyly i said ofcoarse !

" yeaahhh ofcoarse ! " i gave her my num ! And went home ! I was so happy ! I saw mom sitting on the sofa ! And watching tv ! I hugged the life out of her ! And then she smiled and kissed me on the forehead ! I was so hyper ! I was flying in the air ! I just plopped down in my bed and smiling ! I was soo happy that i can't explain ! In the matters of sec i fall in sleep !

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