Chapter 2 - Playing Chess

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Now that my knight was into place, I just needed a few pawns. Some of my old friends would do but I could easily make puppets.

It isn't vamire venom that does the trick, but the vampire's blood. Most vampires bite, drink for a few moments, then stop, not making their prey into a vampire but a simple puppet. Though, it doesn't quite work on animals.

So when I left Adam's, I set off towards the shadows to wait for a pawn or two to present its self on the board.

In a dark alley way beside the local gas station Sheetz, I waited for someone, anyone I deemed a good puppet or pawn.

After twenty minutes of waiting, a person I knew would be moren than a pawn walked in front of the alley. Logan, one of Jame's closes friends and right hand man, came into view. I took my chance and sprang from my place behind a dumpster.

I bit down hard on the soft flesh of his neck and pulled him into the dark alley. He struggled for a moment before he went limp. His blood was unusual, strange, weird. Different.

Even though I usually thought about the drinking of someone's blood, I didn't realize I was drinking until I felt his blood drip down my face from the corner of my lips. I stopped drinking and pulled my face from his blood-stained neck. He wasn't dead, but just passed out from loss of blood. I whispered softly into his ear.

"My dear 'Rook', you will be instrumental in your King's down fall by following my side of teh board. Serve me well."

I laid his body down, now noticing his sad attire. Denim jeans and a camoflauge sweat shirt. Even I, in my denim jean shorts and black sweat shirt looked a little more impressive.

I turned and walked from the alley and into the Sheetz for a coffee. It was going to ba an exhausting night.


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