Chapter 8

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Becky's POV:

"I never knew shopping could be so tiring!" I collapsed on to the couch, dropping my bags on the floor.

I pulled my legs up onto the couch and sat criss-crossed, turning the tv on. I surfed through the channels for a few minutes, and stopped at Pretty Little Liars re runs. Gosh, I love this show so much.


Luke walked through the door two hours later and sat beside me on the couch. He kissed my cheek and leaned back into the couch cushions.

"How was your day?" Luke asked me and I smiled.

"It was awesome! I went shopping with Liz and watched some PLL." I laid my head on Luke's shoulder, smiling.

"Sounds better than mine. Wanna go out for ice cream after supper?" Luke suggested and I nodded. "Alright, dress nice okay?" I pulled my head back at looked at Luke, then my outfit.

"Sweats and a T-shirt ain't nice enough for you Luke?" I raised an eyebrow and Luke chuckled.

"You look fine Becky. I meant like a dress, not too formal but casual at the same time." Luke smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"Oh ok." I hugged Luke back, we stayed hugging for a few minutes before getting called for dinner. Luke gave me a quick kiss on the lips and we raced to the table. There was a turkey placed in the middle of the table, some mashed potatoes, salad and cooked vegetables.

"Looks great mum!" Luke slid into a seat beside Andrew and I sat beside Liz.

"Thanks Liz AND Andrew." I smiled sheepishly and reached for the salad in front of me.

"Finally some recognition!" Andrew chuckles and Molly barks from her spot in the kitchen.

"So how was everyone's day?" Liz questioned, more purposely towards Luke since he had been out at the studio all day.

"It was great, had a lot of fun with the boys. Recorded a song or two and got Pizza for lunch." Luke replied, eyeing my subtly. I gasped and held my hand over my heart.

"How could you- wait. Nevermind, I had Tacos for lunch at school." I smiled and took a bite from my salad.

"I came across a booth for the Army at the mall today. Met a Sargent Kepler, figured I'd spread the word that they-" Andrew rambled off and I dropped my fork, cutting him off. Could it really be him?

"Was there anything wrong with him?" I asked urgently. I bounced my leg up and down impatiently while Andrew looked at me confusedly.

"Well I suppose, yes. He was in a wheelchair." Andrew frowned and my throat tightened.

"Oh shit." Liz swore, stood up from the table and dragged Andrew with him. I stared at my plate, tears threatened to spill, but I didn't stop them. My dad could be alive, I thought he was dead. Luke's arms wrapped around me from behind and I leaped up. I wrapped my arms around Luke and stood there crying.

"L-Luke, m-my dad." I stuttered through the tears.

"I know, I know." Luke rubbed my back and I didn't let go. I feel so overwhelmed. I'm excited, sad and angry all at once. Did my mom lie to me? Or did my dad lie and disappear off the face of the earth?


A/N: Hey! Sorry for such a long wait! I've got the next chapter over half done, so it won't be long.

I know it's not an excuse but I haven't been in a writing mood lately. Not writer's block though, because I do have ideas for this story. But please let me know what you'd like to see in the future!

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