For Sebastian

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Sebastian's grandmother died last week. Much to my surprise she left everything she had to me. That includes a small apartment near my university along with everything else that I find there. My only problem is that my parents convinced me to go live there. That sounds awesome right? But Sebastian was going to live there and now he can't. He was so excited to there, all his stuff is already there.

It is going to be difficult, but I have to deal with it.


The boxes piled up inside my new home contain his clothes, books, manga and other essentials.

"All of these are yours now", I thought "Everything he had is yours".

I don't know what to do with that information though, so I keep searching. Most of his books are sci/fi, supernatural and thriller. His manga vary from slice of life to sports end even some yaoi. Most of his clothes are black and comfy. Most of his CDs contain punk rock, alternative rock and metal. To be honest, I didn't even know he liked most of this and once again I feel guilty.

As I try to organize my things and the new I got from him, I notice something that looks like a laptop. I try to open it but it's locked and as you might have already guessed I have no idea what the password might be.

For some reason I think I might find something that will help me with my plan so I continue typing anything that I can think of.

I type the title of his books, the bands from his CDs but nothing works.

"I can't give up yet", I whisper in the empty room.

I write the first things that come to my mind and after 3 more tries it finally opens.

The correct password is Alex.


I had no idea Sebastian had internet friends. His blog is followed by more than 5,000 people and he has a lot of unread messages. I don't read them yet though.

From the looks of it these people know a lot more about him than I do but they don't know he is dead.

I decide to write a last messageon his profile :Sebastian no longer with us. Almost four months ago he lost his life on a car accident. We are sorry we failed to inform you sooner but we were not aware about this blog until today.

After I post it I decide to look at his messages. Most of them show concern but one of the is different.

"Did you finish the book you were talking about?About the Fall Book Competition? I've been dying to read it".

As soon as I read it, an idea hits me.

I close the browser and start searching his files until I find one named "After Midnight Hero".

"Now I know what to do", I think and start reading.

The next morning after I finish reading the book, before I can regret it I search about The Fall Book Competition. It is a competition to have your book published by a very known publishing house. The deadline is tomorrow so I hurry. I print the pages after I write Sebastian White at the top of every page. My hands are shaking but trying won't hurt. That's what I say to myself.

I hurry to the mailbox and leave there the manuscript.

This is the letter I attached :

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to enter your competition The Fall Book Competition. My book is called "After Midnight Hero".If you think that is is what you are looking for please send me your reply via the email I have attached to this letter.Otherwise, please send back my manuscript to the address you will find within my entry.Please note that Sebastian White is only a pseudonym and that I would like my identity to remain a secret. If you decide that a meeting between us is necessary, you'll be seeing my manager, Alex Peters.

Faithfully yours,

Sebastian White.

I know that what I am doing is crazy and rushed but it seems that it's my only chance ta help Sebastian, to atone about my mistakes.

It's a plan that can be easily messed up but here's my idea: If everything goes as I imagined and Sebastian's story wins the competition, a lot of people will know his name since that's how I am going to sign the book. When it's published and it has gained some popularity, I am going to reveal the truth about the author and everyone will know Sebastian and me. I don't care if anyone calls me crazy or a psycho. I am doing this for my friend. He wanted to enter this competition anyway, he wanted his book to be published. He just couldn't.

I am doing this for Sebastian, I repeat over and over again.

Now all I need is After Midnight Hero to win the competition.

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