chapter 3

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"sky wake up" I heard Minho say in a sing-song voice "what!" I growled "time to wake up" I got up and got my shoes on "what time is it?" "6:30" I looked at him "ok what do I have todo" I asked "first I have to show you something" I looked at him with a confused face "come on" he grabbed vines and there was this glass window I seen this thing that had robot legs and a thing for a face I but my hands up and everything froze I was scared Minho froze to I started to freak out everything unfroze Minho looked at me "what was that" he asked with a confused face "I just froze time" he looked at me and smiled "man your full of surprises" I laughed we walked toward a wall "now were going to run my section" I nodded as soon the doors opened he ran into it I followed "your pretty good half of those shanks couldn't make it that far" I rolled my eyes"well let's run more" he looked at me like I was crazy "aren't you tired!" I looked at him like he was crazy "no I love running" when I turned I seen the thing I seen in the morning "Minho its here" he looked at me and came buy the corner and looked at it I guess it spotted us and came at us with full speed I threw the thing against the wall "run Minho!" he looked at me and started to run I put my hands up and froze time I caught up with Minho "you were just" he pointed to were I was "no time for questions" I yelled we ran toward the glade Minho got through but the doors started to close " come on sky" he screamed I put my hands up and froze time again I walked through the door and unfroze Minho turned around and looked at me "you scared me don't ever do that again slinthead" newt walked over "what happen" Minho rolled his eyes "ask your girl friend' he said "she not my girl friend I don't even like her" he spatted

got to admitt that stung

"well I'm going to go" I said and walked away

"sky can we talk" newt yelled

"no there's nothing to talk about"

I got into the woods newt turned me around and picked my up

"let me down!" I sheriked "will you let me talk!" I rolled my eyes "fine" he looked at me and said "I lied I do like you a lot" before I could answer he kissed me my heart was soaring I threw my arms around his neck then I heard this cough


"what are you doing with my sister newt" he said in a stern voice I rolled my eyes threw my hands up and froze time I grabbed mud and threw it at his face time unfroze he started to spit mud out of his mouth me and newt were laughing " not cool" he said he started to laugh himself he grabbed mud and threw at me but I ducked and hit newt in the face I fell to the ground laughing newt was spitting mud out "you are very evil you know that" pointing at me with a smile I laughed I was crying buy then "yeah I know" I manage to say newt threw mud at me I froze time and pointed it at Minho direction it hit his face again "sorry guys" I laughed they threw mud at me I let it hit my face they laughed I never seen them this happy  before I was still on the ground laughing as soon I was able to speak I said " now what were you going to say" Minho looked at me and said " I forgot" still laughing  we washed our faces "I remember you kissing newt" minho said looking at newt "well you will live" I said  he looked at me "I'm gotta talk to newt for a min" he pulled newt to the other room that was fun I thought

"we meet again freak" I heard Gally said I turned around "what do you want" I muttered he looked at me and laughed "well I just want to talk" he said I looked at him "what there nothing to talk about" he stepped forward I stepped back "well I just wanted to give you something" he threw a knife I ducked the knife hit the wall newt and Minho ran in Gally threw a punch I grabbed his hand and threw him across the room "don't touch her" Minho growled Gally looked at me and grabbed the knife out of the wall I threw the knife out the widow and I threw him against the wall "touch me again" I growled I dropped him and walked out  the room "you better watch out" Gally growled  I turned around "you better watch out you come near me again" Minho looked at me and grabbed Gally "you are going to be in the slammer for awhile" he muttered I smiled "what happen" newt asked with a concern face " he tried to kill me so I threw him against a wall" newt started to laugh "I'm never going to get you mad" I smiled "what did Minho say?" he looked at me and said "he said don't hurt her because you know I'm going to get you" I laughed and hugged him "don't worry about him" I kissed him on the cheek and went to the woods I sat down at the spot we had the mud fight I started to laugh I heard a branch snap I looked over I seen Gally coming at me "you shouldn't of done that" he growled I threw him at a tree I ran he got up and tackled me I screamed and punched him "leave me alone" I screamed a knife passed my ear I seen Minho and newt running toward us Gally pinned me down I threw him against a tree newt and Minho pinned Gally down

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